Gravestone Photos from Grove Hill Cemetery – Shelby County

Grove Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Shelby County, Kentucky

Grove Hill Cemetery is located in the city of Shelbyville in Shelby County, Kentucky. It is a beautifully kept cemetery with a mixture of old and new stones. We enjoyed our visit June 6, 2017 – I can’t believe it’s been five years! Ritchey found a geocache in the cemetery while I took photographs. This is just a sampling of the photographs taken that day – I took almost 400 during our time there.

H. S. Hastings, born April 16, 1801, died June 20, 1851.
Thomas Miller, born April 14, 1786, died September 2, 1838. Sarah, wife of Thomas Miller, born June 2, 1790, died January 12, 1864. Albert S. Miller, born January 29, 1825, died February 1, 1881. Elizabeth F. Glover, born November 25, 1818, died August 14, 1850, remains interred in Knox County, Missouri. Hedgeman S. Miller, born October 19, 1828, died March 11, 1878. Salley Ann Miller, born July 19, 1822, died March 5, 1898.
Agnes Smith, born January 9, 1803, died June 14, 1884.
Sallie A. Fisher, wife of W. H. Bell, born May 8, 1840, died October 8, 1887.
W. H. Bell, born July 21, 1834, died June 4, 1885.
William Vannatta, born December 25, 1816, died December 1, 1895.
Gilbert Ratcliff, Co. L, 11th U.S. Inf., born August 22, 1890, killed November 10, 1918, in Argonne Forest, France.
Gertrude, wife of M. F. Perry, April 1, 1860 – July 24, 1888. ‘We knew no sorrow, knew not grief till thy bright face was missed.’
Millard F. Perry, July 13, 1851 – July 13, 1921.
Calien Crosby, 1806-1893. Elizia Crosby, 1815-1908. John M. Crosby, 1848-1891.
Minnie, daughter of Caleb and Mattie Doyle, born July 10, 1875, died February 20, 1876. ‘Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep. From which none ever wake to weep.’
Sallie J. Thomason, wife of G. W. Sagra, born May 28, 1832, died November 5, 1866. ‘Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.’
Heli Peter, born October 5, 1805, died April 3, 1888. ‘Gently the passing spirit fled, sustained by grace divine, O may such grace on us be shed, And make our end like thine.’
Dorothy Peter, born November 1805, died September 14, 1896.

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  1. Thank you for the gravestone photos. The stories they hint at are interesting, aren’t they? My husband and I also enjoy geocaching, it’s a great way to combine multiple hobbies and gives you something else to do while traveling.

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