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Historic Poage Family Buried in Ashland Cemetery – Boyd County

One of the largest cemeteries Ritchey and I visited during our trip to Kentucky was the Ashland Cemetery in Boyd County. We stayed at an Airbnb in Ashland for four nights – our base to head out each day to counties west and south of Boyd. May I make a suggestion for the next time you visit Ashland? Eat at Sal’s Italian Eatery and Speakeasy! Great atmosphere, greater food! The chicken parmesan was the best I’ve ever had, and their tiramisu – I can’t speak highly enough about it. When you are in cemeteries all day you have to have a good dinner! And it was our 42nd anniversary meal!

The Poage family was in the area when Boyd County was still part of Greenup County, which was formed from a part of Mason County in 1803. Boyd didn’t become a county until 1860, therefore for the earlier days we go to Greenup County to find information, and before that time, Mason County.

These five stones are for members of the Poage family. Notice how close they are? I think the bodies disinterred and moved to this location.

Andrew Kinkead, born June 12, 1839, died May 1, 1866, aged 26 years, 10 months, 18 days. Andrew was a grandson of John and Ann Poage. His parents, Leandra Poage and Andrew Hoge Kinkead, died at a relatively young age, Leandra in 1846 and Andrew in 1858. In the 1850 census five children of this couple are living in Greenup County with John Poage, 74, John’s daughter (their aunt) Margaret 38, Mary Kinkead 15, William Kinkead, 13, Andrew Kinkead 11, John Kinkead, 11, and Caroline Kinkead, 7. Ten years later four of children are still with their grandfather and aunt – Mary, Andrew, John and Caroline.

To the memory of General John Poage, born November 11, 1775, died August 17, 1862. After the death of her father, Margaret Poage was head of household.

Ann Poage, a native of Kentucky, born August 20, 1777, died April 24, 1848. Ann Poage, the daughter of William Poage and Ann Kennedy, was born at Fort Harrod in Mercer County, and it was there in 1801 that she married John Poage.

Margaret Poage, died June 15, 1871, aged 62 years, 7 months, 16 days. In 1870 Margaret shared her home with two of her deceased sister’s children, Caroline Kinkead 26, and John Poage Kinkead 29. Also in the household was Hugh A. Poage, 75, an uncle, her father’s brother, born in Virginia.

William Poage Kinkead, died January 7, 1864, aged 26 years, 4 months, 25 days.

As you can see, three of these stones have cracked and split. Could this have happened when they were moved to Ashland Cemetery? The next photo shows the stones from the back side – where you can see new stones with the same information.

The light was not good when this photo was taken, but you can see the names and dates. Andrew’s stone does not have the black fill in for the names and dates – perhaps this is an ongoing project?

Any thoughts?

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