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Diamond-Shaped 1890’s Photo

scan235-1This is a photo of a lovely woman sporting her late 1890’s look – you can see just a wisp of those large leg ‘o mutton sleeves of the time period.  She has a bodice inset that corresponds nicely with the solid material of the rest of her dress.  The dark underpart of the ruffle also gives a nice touch to the outfit.

Even without the gigantic sleeves we could date this photo to the late 1890’s due to its unusual shape, and more so the saw-toothed edges and textured card surface.

Unfortunately no name of either subject or photographer.

Old Photo From Louisville, Kentucky!

Scan080 1I just love this photo!  First, it is from my home state of Kentucky!  And this woman is just entrancing!  She’s a bit saucy, raising her skirt to give a view of her boot!  She holds her umbrella behind her back.  And she has a tremendous hat!  The flowers and gauzy material just match her outfit!  Don’t you love the sleeves?  And ruffles on the dress!  I would date this to the early 1890’s – the upper sleeves had not yet ballooned into the gargantuan leg ‘o mutton of the latter years of that decade!  She is so cute!

Photo was taken by Doerr, 12th and Market Streets, Louisville, Kentucky.

1890’s – Baby In Stroller With Attendants

Scan_Pic1670 2This is a very unusual photo I bought from a vendor on Ebay – I search everywhere for my photos!  After checking online, a photo that was similar to this one (but not quite as elaborate) was dated 1891.  I love the silk parasol!  While the woman in the coat could be the mother of the child, I tend to think she is the nanny, since she has a very similar checked cloth for her dress, as does the servant pushing the stroller.  I think this glimpse of the past is very charming.  Photo taken by C. von Dieck, Hamburg Barmbeck, Germany.