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Matthew Carrico and Ruth O’Daniel 1813 Marriage


This is an interesting marriage bond due to the fact that we have a written permission from the groom’s father and the bride’s mother (evidently the bride’s father was deceased by this time).  My mother was a Carrico, so I am naturally interested in all records with the name – particularly from Washington County, Kentucky!  Cornelius Carrico, the witness for both permissions, is my 4th gr-grandfather, the brother of James T. Carrico who signed the permission slip for his son, and sons of James T. Carrico, Sr., who died in Charles County, Maryland.

Know all men by these presents, that we, Matthew Carrico and John Wood, are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of fifty pounds current money.  To the payment of which well and truly to be made.  We bind ourselves, our heirs, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 16th day of January 1813.

The condition of this obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended between the above bound Matthew Carrico and Ruth O’Daniel, for which a license has issued.  Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage, then this obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.

Matthew Carrico

John Wood

Witness:  John Hughes

Scan_Pic1608The Clerk of Washington County is hereby authorized to issue license for my son Matthew Carrico to intermarry with Ruth O’Daniel, under my hand and seal this 16th day of January 1813.

James T. Carrico

Teste.  John Woods, Cornelius Carrico

Scan_Pic1609The Clerk of Washington County is hereby authorized to issue license for Matthew Carrico to intermarry with my daughter, Ruth O’Daniel.  Given under my hand and seal this 16th day of January 1813.                                                     Mary O’Daniel

Teste.  John Wood, Cornelius Carrico

St. Rose Catholic Church Baptisms

St. Rose Catholic Church Baptisms

Washington County, Kentucky

May 18th

Ignatius Carrico, s/o Cornelius and Teresa O’Bryan Carrico, sponsor Lucy Carrico nee Reed, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1834
Sarah Ann Thompson, d/o Raphael and Caroline Montgomery Thompson, born 15 May 1850, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1850
John Moffatt, s/o Joseph Joel and Harriet Elizabeth Clements Moffatt, born 27 Feb 1867, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1867
Mary Louise Carrico, d/o William Levi and Isabel Augusta Jarboe Carrico, born 13 May 1872, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1872
Thomas William Medley, s/o Thomas Walter and Rose Ann Carrico Medley, born 12 May 1872, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1872
William Anderson Wilson, s/o Thomas and Mildred Jane Frazier Wilson, born 22 Feb 1873, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1873
John Henry Anderson, s/o James A. and Sarah Isham Anderson, born 10 Apr 1875, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1875
Angela Kelly, d/o Daniel A. and Elizabeth Ann Winfield Kelly, born 19 Feb 1880, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1880
Joseph Edward Cantor, s/o William and Catherine Grace Cantor, born 05 Apr 1881, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1881
Joseph Spencer Osborne, s/o William and America Cambron Osborne, born 06 Dec 1880, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1881
Mary Prudence Champion, d/o Benedict Bean and Mary Magdalene Janes Champion, born 07 Mar 1884, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1884
Henry Stanley Fenwick, s/o William George and Mary Ann Litsey Fenwick, born 05 Apr 1884, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1884
Francis Bernard Hayden, s/o Benjamin and Mary Alice Logsdon Hayden, born 18 Mar 1884, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1884
John Benedict Higdon, s/o Benedict and Mary Frances Miles Higdon, born 03 Apr 1884, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1884

Marriages – Nelson County, Kentucky

Marriages – Nelson County, Kentucky

Carrico – Crawford

Isaac Carrico married Evalina Brown, d/o William Brown, surety William Brown 02 Apr 1831
Aquilla Carrico married Eleanor Peak, d/o of Francis Peak, surety, Francis Peak 10 Apr 1817
Daniel Carrico, s/o Helena Carrico, married Matilda Carrico, d/o Walter Carrico, surety Andrew Brown, consent signed by both Walter Carrico and Helena Carrico, wit William Gaw and Andrew Brown 25 Apr 1817
Cornelius Carrico married Susannah Shanks, both being above the age of 21, surety, Daniel Rogers 25 Jan 1806
Vincent Carrico married Mary Elder, d/o Thomas Elder, surety Guy Elder 26 Jan 1807
Cornelius Carrico married Susanna Shanks, bond 27 Jan 1806
Thomas G. Carter, age 25, single, married Mary Vittitoe, age 20, single 22 Dec 1853
Edward W. Combs married Milly Mason, ward of James Porter, surety Notley Mason, consent of guardian, James Porter, filed with bond, wit Notley Mason 17 Jun 1829
Henry Commingen married Mrs. Teresa Rinearson, both being over the age of 21 years, surety Thomas Collier 01 Jan 1822
Edmund H. Compton married Sally Read, widow of John Read, decd, surety Robert C. Foster 28 Sep 1796
William Conaway married Laura Ann Harrison, d/o of Dr. Burr Harrison, surety Samuel T. Beall, Dr. Harrison’s consent personally given 24 Dec 1827
William B. Connell married Susannah Bell, d/o Thomas Bell, surety Thomas Bell 09 Dec 1809
James Connell married Sarah Bennet, spinster, surety Alexander Leshly, consent signed by both parents, John Bennet and Lucy Bennet, wit Alexander Leshly 28 Sep 1785
Alfred Connelly married Elizabeth Butler Thomas, d/o Redmon G. Thomas, surety Redmon G. Thomas 06 Dec 1830
Patrick Connelly married Bridget Flaherty, d/o James Flaherty, consent for Bridge Flaherty signed by her father, James Flaherty, consent for Patrick Connelly signed by his mother, Mary Connelly, wit Patrick Whelan, James Flaherty & John Flaherty 21 Nov 1831
Thompson Connelly married Polly Brown, d/o of Nathaniel Brown, surety Nathaniel Brown 26 Aug 1827
John Connelly married Mary Whelan, both being over the age of 21 year, surety Patrick Whelan 30 Apr 1828
Christopher Conner married Susan Redman, both being over the age of 21 years, surety William Brewer who made oath that Susan Redman is over the age of 21 years 29 Nov 1826
Able Crawford, Jr., married Sarah Eichannaker 24 Jan 1854

Today In Genealogy History – February 23

Matilda Catherine Dillehay and Edward Carrico were married 178 years ago – February 23, 1835 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Matilda was the daughter of John C. Dillehay.  Edward was the son of Cornelius Carrico and Susanna Shanks.  Matilda and Edward had 10 children:  Susan Mary, Thomas Henry, Martha Ann, Lucetta Jane, James Madison, William Reason, Robert Jefferson, John Edward, Josephine Arabella and Rose Elizabeth Carrico.

Today In Genealogy History – January 27

Susanna Shanks and Cornelius Carrico were married 207 years ago – January 27, 1806 – in Nelson County, Kentucky.  Cornelius was the son of James T. Carrico and Elizabeth Clements.  Susanna and Cornelius had at least 3 children:  Edward, Ann and Teresa Carrico.  The family lived in Washington County, Kentucky.

Today In Genealogy History – May 24, 2012

Theresa O’Bryan and Cornelius Carrico were married 189 years ago – May 24, 1823 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Theresa and Cornelius had 5 children:  Florida Anne, Elvina, Julina, Ignatius and Benedict Joseph.

Montgomery-Carrico Marriage Certificate

This is the marriage certificate for my great-great-grandparents, William Peter Montgomery and Martha Ann Carrico.  They were married December 30, 1862, in Washington County, Kentucky.  This was a second marriage for William.  He married Ann E. Woodward November 20, 1855, also in Washington County.  She died within a few years, leaving no children.

William was the son of William Peter Montgomery and Mary Polly Yates.  William, Sr., was a victim of the cholera epidemic of 1833, dying June 19th of that year.  William, Jr., was born two months later on August 7.  William, Sr., was the son of Charles Montgomery and Mary Ann Elder of Charles County, Maryland.  They moved to Kentucky before 1798.  Mary Yates was the daughter of John Yates and Henrietta Cambron.  William’s grandfather, John Estes Yates was a veteran of the Revolutionary War.

Martha was the daughter of Edward Carrico and Matilda Catherine Dillehay, born October 26, 1839, in Washington County.  Edward was born in Nelson County, Kentucky, the son of Cornelius Carrico and Susanna Shanks, both also from Charles County, Maryland.  Matilda’s father was John C. Dillehay.  They were all part of the Catholic contingent that came from Maryland to Kentucky in the early days of the state.

William and Martha Montgomery had 10 children:  John Thomas, Robert E. Lee, Anna Laura, William Edward, Mary C., Samuel Howard, Louise Mary, Charles Hampton, Frances B. and Sarah Isabelle Montgomery.

They both enjoyed a long life together.  William died August 22, 1910, and Martha, October 17, 1921.  They are buried in St. Dominic’s Cemetery in Washington County.