Family Stories

Marriages – Nelson County, Kentucky

Marriages – Nelson County, Kentucky

Carrico – Crawford

Isaac Carrico married Evalina Brown, d/o William Brown, surety William Brown 02 Apr 1831
Aquilla Carrico married Eleanor Peak, d/o of Francis Peak, surety, Francis Peak 10 Apr 1817
Daniel Carrico, s/o Helena Carrico, married Matilda Carrico, d/o Walter Carrico, surety Andrew Brown, consent signed by both Walter Carrico and Helena Carrico, wit William Gaw and Andrew Brown 25 Apr 1817
Cornelius Carrico married Susannah Shanks, both being above the age of 21, surety, Daniel Rogers 25 Jan 1806
Vincent Carrico married Mary Elder, d/o Thomas Elder, surety Guy Elder 26 Jan 1807
Cornelius Carrico married Susanna Shanks, bond 27 Jan 1806
Thomas G. Carter, age 25, single, married Mary Vittitoe, age 20, single 22 Dec 1853
Edward W. Combs married Milly Mason, ward of James Porter, surety Notley Mason, consent of guardian, James Porter, filed with bond, wit Notley Mason 17 Jun 1829
Henry Commingen married Mrs. Teresa Rinearson, both being over the age of 21 years, surety Thomas Collier 01 Jan 1822
Edmund H. Compton married Sally Read, widow of John Read, decd, surety Robert C. Foster 28 Sep 1796
William Conaway married Laura Ann Harrison, d/o of Dr. Burr Harrison, surety Samuel T. Beall, Dr. Harrison’s consent personally given 24 Dec 1827
William B. Connell married Susannah Bell, d/o Thomas Bell, surety Thomas Bell 09 Dec 1809
James Connell married Sarah Bennet, spinster, surety Alexander Leshly, consent signed by both parents, John Bennet and Lucy Bennet, wit Alexander Leshly 28 Sep 1785
Alfred Connelly married Elizabeth Butler Thomas, d/o Redmon G. Thomas, surety Redmon G. Thomas 06 Dec 1830
Patrick Connelly married Bridget Flaherty, d/o James Flaherty, consent for Bridge Flaherty signed by her father, James Flaherty, consent for Patrick Connelly signed by his mother, Mary Connelly, wit Patrick Whelan, James Flaherty & John Flaherty 21 Nov 1831
Thompson Connelly married Polly Brown, d/o of Nathaniel Brown, surety Nathaniel Brown 26 Aug 1827
John Connelly married Mary Whelan, both being over the age of 21 year, surety Patrick Whelan 30 Apr 1828
Christopher Conner married Susan Redman, both being over the age of 21 years, surety William Brewer who made oath that Susan Redman is over the age of 21 years 29 Nov 1826
Able Crawford, Jr., married Sarah Eichannaker 24 Jan 1854

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