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James Bamford White Family Buried In Oakdale Cemetery – Estill County

Oakdale Cemetery, Irvine, Estill County, Kentucky.

How many of you know where Estill County is located?  I consider it at the beginning of the eastern section of Kentucky.  Powell and Clark are to its north, Madison to the west, Lee to the east and Jackson County on its southern border.  Estill is a very rural county, very beautiful, but you can easily lose cell service if you’re trying to find a cemetery using your phone!  During our trip on May 2, 2015, we stopped at Oakdale Cemetery in the county seat of Irvine.

Today I would like to tell you about the White family buried there.  James Bamford White was born June 6, 1842, near Winchester in Clark County.  According to his death certificate his parents were David White, born in Virginia, and Margaret Smith, born in Powell County, Kentucky.  His education included years spent at Mount Zion Academy in Macon County, Illinois.  In the fall of 1863 he joined the Confederate States Army and served under Generals Breckinridge and Morgan until the end of the war.  After the war he taught at Irvine, while studying law.  He was admitted to the bar in 1867 and began his practice.

April 27, 1870, James married Cecelia Locknane, a young girl of 15 compared to his 28 years.  In the 1870 census Cecelia and her new husband are living with her parents, John and Mary Locknane, who ran a hotel.  James boarded at this hotel and the two met and fell in love.  Cecelia’s mother’s maiden name was Ruckner, as listed on her death certificate.

In the 1910 census James and Cecelia have been married 40 years and had ten children, all living.  The names of their children are as follows:

  1. Lena Rivers White
  2. Ida Lee White
  3. Elmer Lynn White
  4. James Randolph White
  5. Bettie J. White
  6. Carlisle White
  7. Rodney Haggard White
  8. Nell White
  9. Margaret Cooney White
  10. Tennie W. White

During that time Carlisle was a typesetter at a printing office, Rodney an agent at a depot, Ida was a dressmaker, Bettie a milliner.

James was elected to the Fifty-Seventh Congress, Mary 4, 1901-March 3, 1903).  He retired from law in 1919.

Cecelia Locknane, wife of James B. White, 1855-1925.  ‘Lived for those she loved, died in hope to meet them again.’

Cecelia Locknane White died June 24, 1925.

James Bamford White, 1842-1931.  Confederate soldier.

James Bamford White lived another six years, passing away March 25, 1931.

Carlie White, 1886-1937.  A world war veteran.

Son Carlisle had military service at the Kentucky University and claimed exemption for the draft as a member of the officer service corp.  He was listed as medium height, gray eyes and black hair.  He never married and died December 3, 1937.

Lipscomb Family of Kenton County

George B. Lipscomb, 1835-1918.  Elizabeth Lipscomb, 1836-1921.  Independence Cemetery, Kenton County, Kentucky.

The Lipscomb family is represented in Independence Cemetery in Kenton County, Kentucky, by the gravestone of the father and mother – George B. Lipscom and Nancy Elizabeth Mardis – and their son, Thomas Lipscomb and his wife, Annie Lipscom.  George B. Lipscomb married Elizabeth Mardis September 13, 1856.

We first find this family in the 1860 census of said county.  George, 24, is a farmer, wife Nancy E. (the only time I found the name Nancy), 23, and son Thomas J., 2.  Elizabeth’s sister, Agnes J. Mardis, 14, also lives with the family at this time.  George Lipscomb’s parents, William, 48, and Elizabeth, 48, live next door.

In 1870, in addition to son Thomas, 13, there is Alice, 11; Samuel, 9; Addie, 6; Merritt, 4; and Charles, 1.  An additional daughter, Lillie, was born in 1880.

George B. Lipscomb died November 21, 1918, of stroke.  His death certificate gives his age as 83, but does not list a date of birth.  His parents were William Lipscomb and Annie Ballinger.  Information was given by his wife, Elizabeth Lipscomb, and he was buried in Independence Cemetery.

Nancy Elizabeth Lipscomb died March 5, 1921, of nephritis, a chronic inflammation of the kidneys.  She was born August 19, 1836, and was 84 years, 6 months and 15 days at the time of her death.  Her father was William Mardis, mother’s name was not given.  She was buried in Independence Cemetery March 8, 1921.

Annie Lipscomb, 1858-1918.

Angeline (Anna) R. Pickett, was wife to Thomas J. Lipscomb, first born child, son of George and Elizabeth.  According to the 1910 census they were married about 1878, since it is listed they had been married for 32 years.  On additional fact from that census is that the couple had four children, but none were living.  So terribly sad to lose all children.  In the 1880 census, shortly after Thomas and Annie were married, they are listed as 22 and 20, with a son – Ernest, 10/12.  That is the only child I could find.  If only the 1890 census had not been destroyed by fire – what treasures we could find there!

This is very hard to write – I found this, after finishing the blog.  Angeline (Anna) Lipscomb died November 3, 1918, from suicide by a sharp instrument.  She was born October 23, 1858, and was 61 years and 10 days of age.  Her parents were Hiram Pickett and Mary A.  Informant was her husband, Thomas Lipscomb.  My heart is hurting and tears are running down my cheeks.  Poor, dear woman.  After losing her children she must have suffered greatly.  How difficult to go on.  But her poor, poor, husband.

Thomas Lipscomb, 1857-1925.

Thomas Lipscomb must have been a very strong man to continue on after the deaths of his children and wife.

Thomas Lipscomb died January 4, 1925, of pneumonia.  He was born July 28, 1859, and was 65 years, 6 months and four days at the time of his death.  His parents were B. G. Lipscomb and a Miss Mardis.

With this blog I wanted to show the importance of death certificates and how they can give information otherwise unknown about our ancestors.  Or they can verify information already known.  Sometimes the information is a little too painful.



Silas Cyrus Corbin of Bath County

Silas Corbin, February 2, 1832 – October 26, 1915.  Longview Cemetery, Bethel, Bath County, Kentucky.

Silas Cyrus Corbin was born, in Bath County, Kentucky, the son of Zachariah Corbin and Nancy Doggett.

Silas married Artemesia Arrasmith in October 1858 in Bath County; both were born in Bath County, and resided there.  It was a first marriage for both; Silas was 25 and Measia, as she was called, was 18.

In the 1860 census for Bath County they are a young couple, Silas is 29, and Measia is 21, and John, is their 11-month-old son.  Silas is a farmer, with real estate worth $1700 and personal estate valued at $630.  I could not find the family in 1870.  In 1880 Artemesia has died.  Silas and his children are living with his brother – Martin Corbin, who is 52, his wife Maggie, 28, and young son, Samuel, two months.  Silas, listed as Cyrus, is 47, and relation given to head of household is brother.  Silas’ children living there are John W., 20; Alfred, 16; and Nancy, 13; listed as nephews and niece.

There are many tidbits about Silas Corbin in The Owingsville Outlook, the local newspaper.  In the May 15, 1900, issue we learn that Silas Corbin’s brother, Dick, died at Burdette, Bates County, Missouri, on February 26th.  Dick and brother Tom went to Missouri in 1869.  Tom and Silas are the only two surviving children of Zachary Corbin.

Farming was very important to Silas Corbin and he put much energy and industry into his farm to make it successful.  The March 8, 1906, issue of The Owingsville Outlook says, ‘Samuel Manley bought of Silas Corbin near Reynoldsville 50 acres for $2,200.  J. M. Richard sold to Silas Corbin near Reynoldsville, 75 acres for $3,000; to James Corbin two tracts of 69 and 23 acres for $2,000.’

In November of 1910 we read that, ‘Silas Corbin and John Boyd shipped a car-load of cattle, and John W. Corbin and George Boyd shipped a car-load to Cincinnati.’  John W. Corbin is Silas’ son.  In February 1902, we find that Silas Corbin raised 12,135 pounds of tobacco on six acres of land last season.’

In July of 1896 Silas Corbin stopped by The Outlook office for ‘a social chat’ and when asked about his crops said, ‘that about two acres of his corn were only “tolerable” – would make only about 20 barrels per acre – but that the balance would make a better average.  He feels so good over the general crop prospects that he will take holiday this week and haul a buggy-load of neighbors’ children to the Sharpsburg fair.’

In the 1900 census of Bath County, Silas is living with daughter Nancy and her husband, George Boyd, and their three children – Katie, 9; William, 8; and Hannah, 4.

Silas lived to the wonderful age of 84 years, 8 months and 24 days, according to his death certificate.  According to information given by his son Alfred, on October 26, 1915, Silas Corbin died ‘from heart failure in his buggy on the turnpike between Sharpsburg and Reynoldsville’ in Bath County.

Pearley Hill Death Certificate


Pearley Hill Death Certificate

While at the Kentucky History Center on Friday I made copies of several death certificates.  This one is for Pearly Hill, a young woman in Owen County, who died October 16, 1918.  Cause of death is influenza complicated with acute pneumonia.  Pearley was ill for six days before death.

Death certificates are very helpful in our genealogy research.  As with this one they give the sex – female, color or race – white, and martial status – married.  Pearley was born January 10, 1890, makes her 28 years, 9 months and six days old at the time of death.  Her profession was house work – it doesn’t elaborate whether she is a housewife, or works for others.

Sh was born in Owen County, Kentucky.  Her parents were Wesley Jackson and Minnie Cammack, both also born in Owen County.  The informant, who gives all the necessary information, was Richard Hill, from Owenton, probably her husband.  A quick check of the Owen County marriage records would confirm this information.  Pearley was buried two days after her death, but the place of burial is hard to read, and even though I did a google search, couldn’t find anything.  Is anyone from Owenton, Kentucky, familiar with this cemetery?

How many of you have used death certificates in your research?

Louisa Sabin Wright


Ritchey and I were in Cincinnati yesterday, visited two antique malls and came home with many, many photos – one being the above picture.  This is a post card photo – with the CYKO symbol at the spot where you would put the stamp.  This dates the card from 1904 to 1920.  Even though that is a good bit of information to know, it was unnecessary in this case, since there is a dated note written on the back of the post card – in the most beautiful handwriting!


‘Nov. 30 – 1912.  Wilmington, Ohio

Dear Millie:  This is a picture of the three generations.  Louisa Sabin Wright, her son Paul H. and his daughter, Dorothy Evelyn Wright.  The picture was taken November 30, 1912.  Dorothy was then 2 3/4 years old.  I appreciated the picture of thy children very much.  With love, Louie S. Wright’

With the amount of information written on the back of this post card it was an easy search to find more about the lives of this family.  Louisa Sabin was born May 6, 1848, the daughter of Elijah Jefferson Sabin and Rachel Birdsall.  Elijah was born January 12, 1806, in New York, and died March 26, 1882, in Warren County, Ohio.  Rachel was born March 15, 1815, in Virginia, and died July 10, 1876.  The census records show they had three children – in addition to Louisa, two sons, Howard and George.

Louisa married Jonathan B. Wright, July 1, 1875.  Again, through census records I find they had three children.  In the 1880 census they are listed with Grace, age 4.  In 1900 they are listed with Grace L., 23, and Paul, 18.  Therefore in the photo Paul would have been 30 years old.  In the Ohio birth records I also found another daughter, Agnes R., born March 14, 1879.  She must have died very young since she is not listed in any census records.

Daughter Grace Lillian Wright married Walker McClun Bond.  She was born June 11, 1876 and died February 17, 1928.  There are no children listed in the census records.

I found no marriage records for Paul – no mother for little Dorothy – perhaps it will take another try.

Louisa and Jonathan are living together, just the two of them, in the 1910 census.  He died March 01, 1916.  I found his death certificate.

death cert

This gives us his date and place of birth – April 14, 1850, Highland County, Ohio; his parents, Joseph Wright and Lydia Cowgill, and his occupation – professor!

I was still puzzled – who is ‘Millie’ – to whom the post card was sent?  I found that Louisa had a brother, Howard Sabin, who married Aramantha Jackson.  They had a daughter Mildred, born in 1879.  By 1912 she was 33 years of age, and could easily have sent a picture of her children to her Aunt Louisa.  Also note the signature “Louie B. Wright” – sent to someone she with whom she was very familiar.

After Jonathan died in 1916, Louisa continued to live by herself and is listed in the 1920 and 1930 census.  She died November 4, 1931.  By this point her husband, two daughters, parents and most of her siblings had passed on.  Louisa must have been a strong woman to continue on her own.  And now we know much of her story!

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Deaths

Death certificates are a good source of information – date and place of death, cause of death, birth date, marital status, name of parents, place of parents’ birth, and date and place of burial.  Don’t overlook this valuable source!

Name – County – Date of Death – Volume – Certificate Number

January, 1911 – December, 1915

  • Lynn, Sallie, Lincoln County, died June 24, 1915, Vol. 38, #18580
  • Lynn, Sarah Frances, Union County, died March 25, 1912, Vol. 22, #8614
  • Lynn, Tom, Jefferson County, died June 5, 1913, Vol. 33, #16169
  • Lynn, William E., Hopkins County, died March 27, 1914, Vol. 15, #7109
  • Lynn, William Thomas, Union County, died August 26, 1915, Vol. 37, #18251
  • Lynn, Willis Clay, Franklin County, died July 24, 1913, Vol. 37, #18464
  • Lynn, James, Franklin County, died December 26, 1913, Vol. 64, #31946
  • Lyon, Cecie, Marion County, died March 12, 1915, Vol. 16, #7813
  • Lyon, Charles Hardy, Marion County, died May 13, 1913, Vol. 28, #13822
  • Lyon, Charles S., Christian County, died June 23, 1912, Vol. 37, #14492
  • Lyon, Infant of Charley, Fayette County, died February 15, 1915, Vol. 8, #3725
  • Lyon, Charlie, Elliott County, died February 8, 1913, Vol. 8, #3979
  • Lyon, Chelsie Rue, Casey County, died March 19, 1915, Vol. 13, #6236
  • Lyon, Clara Hoskins, Logan County, died July 15, 1914, Vol. 38, #18987
  • Lyon, Infant of Ed, Bell County, died August 17, 1912, Vol. 48, #18905
  • Lyon, Edward C., Daviess County, died January 25, 1915, Vol. 2, #767
  • Lyon, Eliza, Logan County, died February 1, 1914, Vol. 10, #4973
  • Lyon, Elizabeth, Hart County, died July 26, 1912, Vol. 43, #17170

January, 1916 – December, 1920

  • Linning, Anna B., Jefferson County, died March 14, 1920, Vol. 17, #8311
  • Linning, Michael J., Jefferson County, died November 22, 1917, Vol. 62, #30727
  • Linville, J. K., Warren County, died September 14, 1916, Vol. 49, #24357
  • Linsay, Decie Ann, McCracken County, died October 4, 1918, Vol. 60, #29781
  • Linsay, George, Jr., Harlan County, died January 14, 1917, Vol. 3, #1120
  • Linsey, Beckie, Marion County, died December 19, 1916, Vol. 63, #31388
  • Linsey, Buford, Marion County, died January 29, 1917, Vol. 5, #2314
  • Linsey, Joe, Bell County, died December 25, 1916, Vol. 59, #29377
  • Linsey, Nancy Nan, Marion County, died September 21, 1917, Vol. 52, #25959
  • Linsley, Carrie Alice, Anderson County, died May 25, 1918, Vol. 25, #12217
  • Linsley, Frank, Jefferson County, died October 24, 1917, Vol. 56, #27896
  • Linsley, Preston, Laurel County, died January 24, 1920, Vol. 11, #5277
  • Linstaedt, Edward, Campbell County, died November 18, 1918, Vol. 65, #32198
  • Linsey, Martha, Todd County, died January 10, 1917, Vol. 6, #2833
  • Linterman, Johann, Caldwell County, died August 23, 1918, Vol. 40, #19551
  • Linthicum, Allen W., Daviess County, died December 17, 1918, Vol. 77, #38467
  • Linthicum, Charles, Daviess County, died November 21, 1918, Vol. 66, #32804
  • Linton, Albert J., Jr., Hardin County, died October 12, 1917, Vol. 56, #27543
  • Linton, Bettie, Franklin County, died May 6, 1916, Vol. 26, #12765
  • Linton, Dora May, Daviess County, died April 19, 1916, Vol. 21, #10120
  • Linton, Emma Bouree, Scott County, died September 20, 1917, Vol. 53, #26409
  • Linton, Flosie, Fulton County, died September 6, 1920, Vol. 45, #22278
  • Linton, Harriett A. (Mrs.), Daviess County, died March 17, 1919, Vol. 19, #9299
  • Linton, Harry Beeler, Hardin County, died March 7, 1919, Vol. 20, #9824
  • Linton, Imodine, Bath County, died March 4, 1920, Vol. 14, #6685
  • Linton, James, Hardin County, died December 1, 1917, Vol. 66, #32972
  • Linton, Lettie, Shelby County, died June 18, 1918, Vol. 34, #16779

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Death Certificates

The use of death certificates came into existence in 1911, with a law enacted by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1910 – birth certificates also began at this time.  They can give us helpful information for ancestors living during 1911 through the 1960’s.  The information is only as reliable as the person giving it, but it at least gives us some hint about our ancestor’s past.  These are death records from 1911-1915.  Included is the date of death, county, volume and # of certificate.

  • Elijah Linsey, died August 24, 1913, Kenton County, V. 45, #22283
  • Jim Linsey, died April 30, 1913, Webster County, V. 24, #11674
  • Robert Linsey, died October 17, 1915, Fulton County, V. 49, #24304
  • Tom Linsey, died February 7, 1914, Fulton County, V. 8, #3998
  • Will Linsey, died July 14, 1913, Marion County, V. 40, #19666
  • Will Linsey, died March 31, 1915, Webster County, V. 17, #8461
  • Harriet Linsley, died November 21, 1915, Hart County, V. 58, #28665
  • Lula Linsley, died January 15, 1912, Allen County, V. 1, #233
  • William Coleman Linthicum, died October 16, 1913, Lincoln County, V. 56, #27528
  • Margaret Lintner, died July 12, 1911, Jefferson County, V. 46, #18289
  • Amanda Linton, died January 31, 1913, Logan County, V. 24, #11803
  • Bessie Gertrude Linton, died March 17, 1911, Henderson County, V. 17, #6575
  • Mrs. Caroline Linton, died July 30, 1911, Logan County, V. 48, #18837
  • Catherine E. Linton, died April 6, 1915, Nelson County, V. 22, #10844
  • Charity Linton, died September 21, 1915, Washington County, V. 47, #23240
  • Edward D. Linton, died July 2, 1913, Franklin County, V. 37, #18452
  • Harold Linton, died March 14, 1911, Logan County, V. 19, #7439
  • Hillman Linton, died July 29, 1915, Nelson County, V. 36, #17961
  • Lana Lou Linton, died October 21, 1914, Nelson County, V. 54, #26840
  • Mamie Josephine Linton, died September 28, 1913, Nelson County, v. 1 (14), #61
  • Matthew Linton, died November 23, 1914, Washington County, V. 61, #30032
  • Miles Linton, died February 3, 1915, Nelson County, V. 11, #5112
  • Nell Proctor Linton, died April 23, 1911, Logan County, V. 26, #10339
  • Ollie May Linton, died February 3, 1915, Bourbon County, V. 7, 3216