Family Stories

Lipscomb Family of Kenton County

George B. Lipscomb, 1835-1918.  Elizabeth Lipscomb, 1836-1921.  Independence Cemetery, Kenton County, Kentucky.

The Lipscomb family is represented in Independence Cemetery in Kenton County, Kentucky, by the gravestone of the father and mother – George B. Lipscom and Nancy Elizabeth Mardis – and their son, Thomas Lipscomb and his wife, Annie Lipscom.  George B. Lipscomb married Elizabeth Mardis September 13, 1856.

We first find this family in the 1860 census of said county.  George, 24, is a farmer, wife Nancy E. (the only time I found the name Nancy), 23, and son Thomas J., 2.  Elizabeth’s sister, Agnes J. Mardis, 14, also lives with the family at this time.  George Lipscomb’s parents, William, 48, and Elizabeth, 48, live next door.

In 1870, in addition to son Thomas, 13, there is Alice, 11; Samuel, 9; Addie, 6; Merritt, 4; and Charles, 1.  An additional daughter, Lillie, was born in 1880.

George B. Lipscomb died November 21, 1918, of stroke.  His death certificate gives his age as 83, but does not list a date of birth.  His parents were William Lipscomb and Annie Ballinger.  Information was given by his wife, Elizabeth Lipscomb, and he was buried in Independence Cemetery.

Nancy Elizabeth Lipscomb died March 5, 1921, of nephritis, a chronic inflammation of the kidneys.  She was born August 19, 1836, and was 84 years, 6 months and 15 days at the time of her death.  Her father was William Mardis, mother’s name was not given.  She was buried in Independence Cemetery March 8, 1921.

Annie Lipscomb, 1858-1918.

Angeline (Anna) R. Pickett, was wife to Thomas J. Lipscomb, first born child, son of George and Elizabeth.  According to the 1910 census they were married about 1878, since it is listed they had been married for 32 years.  On additional fact from that census is that the couple had four children, but none were living.  So terribly sad to lose all children.  In the 1880 census, shortly after Thomas and Annie were married, they are listed as 22 and 20, with a son – Ernest, 10/12.  That is the only child I could find.  If only the 1890 census had not been destroyed by fire – what treasures we could find there!

This is very hard to write – I found this, after finishing the blog.  Angeline (Anna) Lipscomb died November 3, 1918, from suicide by a sharp instrument.  She was born October 23, 1858, and was 61 years and 10 days of age.  Her parents were Hiram Pickett and Mary A.  Informant was her husband, Thomas Lipscomb.  My heart is hurting and tears are running down my cheeks.  Poor, dear woman.  After losing her children she must have suffered greatly.  How difficult to go on.  But her poor, poor, husband.

Thomas Lipscomb, 1857-1925.

Thomas Lipscomb must have been a very strong man to continue on after the deaths of his children and wife.

Thomas Lipscomb died January 4, 1925, of pneumonia.  He was born July 28, 1859, and was 65 years, 6 months and four days at the time of his death.  His parents were B. G. Lipscomb and a Miss Mardis.

With this blog I wanted to show the importance of death certificates and how they can give information otherwise unknown about our ancestors.  Or they can verify information already known.  Sometimes the information is a little too painful.



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