Father’s Day Salute!

Here’s to the Men in My Life!  A Long Line of Hill’s and Two Brown’s – Who Should Be Jolly’s!

In my Mother’s Day Salute back in May I introduced you to the long line of women in my life – my mother, grandmother and one line of great-grandmothers.  They are a colorful lot with many different names and colorful characters!  Well, on my father’s side the names are the same, but, if possible, the characters are even more colorful – we are talking the line involved in the feud!  Beginning with John Hill, Sr., who moved with his family from Virginia  into what was then Madison County, Kentucky, and in 1797 became Garrard County, who began a long-running disagreement with Hezekiah Evans that flared into the Hill-Evans feud fought by his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  After the fateful tobacco house fight of March 13, 1852, in which two brothers were killed and one died a short time later from his wounds, most of the Hill family left Garrard County, making their homes in Washington County, Anderson County, Jefferson County – and eventually beyond – determined to forget the feud and the lifestyle that ensued.  There were still a few flare-ups involving participants of the feud, but eventually, and most likely due to the beginning of  the Civil War, the feud was forgotten in lieu of a bigger battle.  After the war most people were so drained – physically and mentally – from the horrors of war, the feud was never mentioned again – at least that is what I presume.  My grandfather told stories of his father’s adventures during the Civil War – but never mentioned the feud.  Perhaps he never knew about it.  Unfortunately it wasn’t until after my grandfather’s death that I learned of the feud – and now I will never know what he knew about it – if anything.

The Hill graveyard in Garrard County, Kentucky – where most of the older Hills are buried.

John Hill, Sr., born about 1765, in Virginia, who married Sarah (Sally) Crow about 1783, died in July of 1839, in Garrard County, Kentucky, was the father of Jesse Hill.

Jesse Hill, born about 1788, probably in Virginia, who married Jane Southern in 1808 in Garrard County, Kentucky, died in February of 1836, was the father of Isaiah Hill, Sr.

Gravestone for Isaiah Hill, Sr.

Isaiah Hill, Sr., born in 1809 in Garrard County, Kentucky, married Lucy Murphy in July of 1827, died March 13, 1852, was the father of Isaiah Hill.

Isaiah Hill and Lydia Ann Ross

Isaiah Hill, born in February of 1839, in Garrard County, Kentucky, married Lydia Ann Ross in Washington County, Kentucky, May 4, 1870, died September 8, 1919, in Marion County, Kentucky, was the father of Jessie Delbert Hill.

Jessie Delbert Hill and Nannie Bell Coulter

Jessie Delbert Hill, born August 8, 1893, in Washington County, Kentucky, married Nannie Bell Coulter, June 27, 1911, in Marion County, Kentucky, died April 13, 1974, in Marion County, Kentucky, was the father of James Philip Hill.

James Philip Hill, Phyllis

James Philip Hill, born November 3, 1935, in Marion County, Kentucky, married Catherine Lyons Carrico, April 7, 1956, in Washington County, Kentucky, died July 17, 1986, in Mercer County, Kentucky, was the father of Phyllis Ann Hill.

Phyllis and Ritchey Brown

Phyllis Ann Hill and Ritchey Edwin Brown (the best of fathers!), are the parents of Linton Edwin Brown.

Linton Edwin Brown and Ritchey Edwin Brown – my two favorite men in the world!

Linton has the wonderful mix of genes from his many great-grandparents down through all the lines – which makes HIM the colorful character he is today!  Let’s celebrate!

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  1. So very nice.  I loved this.  Will have to go back and see the one for Mother’s Day.  Happy Summer, Phyllis and Ritchey Brown. As ever, Patty Hocker Ryker  (Spencer & Ray connections in Washington/Marion counties. Joseph 1801-1838 & Lousia Ray  1806-1842

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