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Isaiah Hill, Family Sheet

This is the Hill family involved in the Hill-Evans Feud in Garrard County, Kentucky.  You’ve never heard of this?  Neither had I – but you’ll be hearing more in upcoming blogs!

Family Group Sheet for Isaiah Hill

Husband: Isaiah Hill
Birth: 1807 in Kentucky
Death: 13 Mar 1852 in Garrard County, Kentucky
Burial: Hill Family Graveyard, Garrard County, KY
Marriage: Jul 1827 in Garrard County, KY
Father: Jesse Hill
Mother: Jane Southern

Wife: Lucy Murphy
Birth: 1807
Death: 04 Mar 1850 in Garrard County, Kentucky
Burial: Hill Family Graveyard, Garrard County, KY
Father: John Murphy
Mother: Mary Polly Yarbrough


Name: John Hill
Birth: 1828
Spouse: Lucy A. ?

Name: William Hill
Birth: 1829

Name: James Hill
Birth: 1833
Spouse: Frances ?

Name: Jesse Hill
Birth: 1835
Marriage: 14 Dec 1854 in Anderson County, KY
Spouse: Elizabeth Searcy

Name: Mary Jane Hill
Birth: 14 May 1835 in Garrard County, KY
Death: 31 Jan 1919 in Garrard County, KY
Burial: 03 Feb 1919 in Gunns Chapel Cemetery, Garrard Co., KY
Marriage: 14 Jun 1852 in Garrard County, KY
Spouse: James Simpson

Name: Thomas Perry Hill
Birth: 1839

Name: Isaiah Hill
Birth: Feb 1839 in Garrard County, Kentucky
Death: 08 Sep 1919 in Marion County, KY
Burial: 09 Sep 1919 in Evergreen Cemetery, Washington County, KY
Marriage: 04 May 1870 in Washington County, Kentucky
Spouse: Lydia Ann Ross

Name: Matilda Hill
Birth: 1842

Name: Elizabeth Hill
Birth: 1844
Spouse: George W. Searcy

Name: Randolph Hill
Birth: 1844
Burial: Fairview Christian, Washington County, KY
Marriage: 13 May 1866 in Anderson County, KY
Spouse: Susan Mary Cooper

Name: Josephine Hill
Birth: 1846

Name: Russell Hill
Birth: 1848
Marriage: 1874 in Boone County, Missouri
Spouse: David Anne Dunbar

Name: Lucy Hill
Birth: 1850

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  1. Looking forward to the family sheet for Frederick Hill.
    Enjoyed your book, Garrard County Tragedy. Thank you Phyllis.

  2. i don’t know if this site is still good, however would like to make a correction to your family sheet. you have a thomas perry hill as the son of isaiah. it should br oliver perry hill. i have a copy of his marriage certificate to sarah dean that is in the hill family bible in possession of my mother in law. It has as witnesses to the marriage volney Riley (husband of Elizabeth Hill, daughter of isaiah) and statkie Bracewell, husband of Mary Elizabeth Dean who is Sarah’s sister. Also have other documentation to back this up.

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