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Let Me Introduce You to the Linton Family!

While visiting the Linton house in Logan County, my cousin, Garwood Linton, let me look through all the old family photographs.  As with most, few were named.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them!  Today I share a few with you from Garwood’s collection – with my guesses for who they may be.

This is a beautiful photograph of an older woman.  Notice her fine features, her sweet face – and her hands!  She holds her spectacles in one, and a book in another.  They look like they’ve worked hard during her years of life.

This photograph is a cabinet card – 6.5″ x 4.25″.  It was made in Bowling Green, Kentucky, not far from Russellville, by Bettison’s Studio.  This is an early cabinet card, no frills, that I would date to about 1872.  If we check the family tree, this could possibly be Garwood’s 3rd great-grandmother, Nancy Jane Newman, born in 1822, died 1879, who married Benjamin Burkett Linton.

Isn’t this a beautiful woman?  This is a tintype photo, taken about 1885, my guess.  Tintypes do not have the name of the photographer listed.

A handsome gentleman is next.  This is a carte de visite, 2.5″ x 4″.  The photographer was L. D. Robertson, South Side Public Square, Franklin, Kentucky.  The Linton family lived in Logan County between the towns of Russellville and Franklin (in Simpson County).  Due to the large sleeves and lapels of the coat, this photo was most likely taken in the 1860’s.   Could this be a young Thomas Alney Linton?

This is an 1870’s gent – the lapels of his coat are smaller, and buttoned at the top.  He wears a very  nice watch chain!  Another tintype, but I can’t say who this man might be.

Here we have a photo of a handsome couple.  The bustle lets us know this is from the 1870’s.  The man wears a slightly larger jacket than this time period, but it could have been held over from previous years.  This tintype has just a bit of color added to the cheeks.

Next we have this cherub!  What adorable sweetness!  The tiny feet and hands, hair sticking up – and sitting in a tiny chair!  This is a very old carte de visite, perhaps taken in 1862.  There is no border or photographer’s name on the card.  This child is obviously a year of age or younger.  Checking the data base for Linton descendants from the patriarch, Benjamin Franklin Linton, one child does fit this age – his granddaughter, Louella C. Linton, daughter of Benjamin Burkett Linton – and sister to John Wesley Linton who owned this home.  Unfortunately Louella lived only a year or two.  If this is her photo, it’s probably the only one taken of her.

What a treat to look through a large drawer of photos from another time period!  Thank you, Cousin!

Family of Edward Edwards Linton and Catherine Elizabeth Taylor

Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church
Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church

Family of Edward Edwards Linton and Catherine Elizabeth Taylor

Obituaries and Gravestones

Edward Edwards Linton and Catherine Elizabeth Taylor are my great-great-grandparents.  Edward was the son of William Linton and Eliza Lyon Moran; Catherine was the daughter of John Cotton Taylor and Susan Clark Edwards.  Both their families came to Washington County, Kentucky, from Loudoun County, Virginia, between 1800 and 1818.  Edward and Catherine are both descended from Captain John Linton and Ann Nancy Mason – Edward, a grandson, through son William; and Catherine, a great-granddaughter, through daughter Nancy.

Linton Cemetery
Linton Cemetery

Edward and Catherine married March 23, 1852, and lived the majority of their life in the county.  They had 11 children.  Four were infants who died at or shortly after birth.  These four infants are buried in the Linton Cemetery on Highway 555, along with the captain and other family members.  Two other children died at a young age and were also buried in this cemetery –  Margaret Gordon Linton was born March 16, 1864 and died May 17, 1865; Martha Susan Linton was born March 14, 1873 and died January 25, 1876.  It must have been heartbreaking to have so many children die so young.


Annie Elizabeth Linton, December 8, 1860 – April 29, 1879

For the last ten years of Edward’s life the family moved to nearby Lebanon, Marion County, Kentucky, where Edward worked in the mercantile business.  Daughter Annie Elizabeth Linton died there in 1879 at the age of 19, of pneumonia.  She was buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Washington County.


Edward died in Lebanon September 5, 1886.  He was also buried at Pleasant Grove.


Edward Edwards Linton, August 13, 1824 – September 5, 1886

Catherine Taylor Linton, January 13, 1830 – May 28, 1910

After her husband’s death, Catherine gathered her remaining son and three daughters and moved them back to Washington County, where they were taken in by her mother’s sisters – the elder Edwards sisters, Mary Jane Edwards Janes and Sarah Edwards – who still lived in the house Captain John Linton built when he came to Washington County all those years ago.  Although Aunt Mary married, she did not have children, and took in many nieces and nephews through the years who needed her help.


Mary Kell Linton, March 16, 1870 – February 15, 1890

Daughter Mary Kell Linton became ill, and after an illness of several months, died at the age of 19.  She was buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery.




Mary Linton must have been well loved – even the editor of the newspaper missed some of his appointments to attend her funeral.

Edwards Sisters

At this point Catharine Taylor Linton had buried her husband and eight of her eleven children.  That must have been heart-wrenching.  Evidently she was a very strong woman.  Catherine is sitting on the left in the photo above, beside her is Aunt Mary and then Aunt Sarah.  This photo was taken about 1901 – Catherine was 71, Aunt Mary 87 and Aunt Sarah 79.

s edwards 3

From the same large family photo, these are Catherine and Edward’s two oldest children, Alice Clark Linton and John Edgar Linton.  They never married, lived together until their deaths.

s edwards 2And also from the same photo, my great-grandmother and family – Frances Barber Linton, Catherine’s youngest living child, with husband Robert E. Lee Montgomery, and their first four children.  My grandmother, Mary Alice Montgomery, stands just in front of her father, she is the eldest.


Catherine lived another 9 years after this photo was taken, dying at the age of 80 years on May 28, 1910, and was buried at Pleasant Grove alongside Edward.  At this point both Aunt Mary and Aunt Sarah had died.  Captain John’s house, which had been purchased by Catherine from the other heirs, now was the home of Alice and Edgar.


John Edgar Linton, December 19, 1957 – March 11, 1919

Edgard Linton died suddenly of a heart problem  on March 11, 1919, and was buried at Pleasant Grove.  He was a most jovial fellow, beloved by all.

Scan_Pic1255Alice lived another 16 years.  She and Frances were very close.  My grandmother, Alice, her name-sake, spoke very highly of her.  Both sisters developed a love for genealogy and preserving the family history.

IMG_4771Alice Clark Linton, October 2, 1855 – October 30, 1935

Of this large family only Frances Barber Linton was left.  But she had her husband and children and grandchildren!  Her life was happy and she lived life the fullest – loved genealogy, her children and grandchildren, put on splendid parties for the grandchildren when they came for a week’s visit during the summer, was very hospitable – inviting salesman to lunch if they happened to be there at noon.  I have my mother’s wonderful memories of her grandmother to rely on!  Like her mother Frances also lived through sorrowful times – as we all do.  She and Robert lost two children at a young age.  But the joys outweighed the sorrows by far.  She died peacefully on August 2, 1945, and was buried in St. Dominic Cemetery beside her daughter and son.  It was the week of the fair, which she loved!  Mom told me the grandchildren were encouraged to go to the fair and be happy, not sad, because that was what Frances would want!  Her wonderful memory lives on through me and will hopefully descend through my children!

Scan_Pic0207Frances Barber Linton Montgomery, August 13, 1867 – August 2, 1945





John Berkeley 1809 Will


John Berkeley 1809 Will

Fairfax County, Virginia

John Berkeley married Susannah Hancock Linton, the widow of Moses Linton in 1752/3.  He was the step-father of my Captain John Hancock Linton.  John Berkeley married first Elizabeth Longworth, with whom he had at least two children, John Longworth and George Berkeley.  John and Susannah Hancock Linton had at least two children, Scarlett and Elizabeth Berkeley.  I do not know in which book you would find this will, since it is from a very old copy, in with the information given to me by Garwood Linton.  I knew the will existed, but didn’t have an actual copy.

In the name of God, amen. I, John Berkeley, of Fairfax County do declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following. Imprimis. I give my soul to almighty God who gave it to me, and my body to be buried at the discretion of my Executor, hereafter mentioned, in full hopes of a blessed resurrection. Item. I give and bequeath to my son, John Longworth Berkeley, my land to him and his heirs forever. Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Elizabeth Lewis, one negro woman named Tabitha to her and heirs. Item. My will is that Susanna Lewis, wife of Dan P. Lewis,


have one young negro four or five years old, also John Linton to have one young negro five years old. Item. My will is that the rest of my property, Susanna Shackelford have one sixth part of after my just debts are paid. Item. My will is that the remainder of my property be equally divided between my son, Scarlett Berkeley and my son George Berkeley and my daughter Elizabeth Lewis. My will is as my son Scarlett Berkeley is dead, his five oldest children have his part. Lastly, I ordain and appoint my son-in-law James Lewis whole and sole Executor of this my last will and testament in confirmation here of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of August 1808.

John Berkeley

In presence of Moses Hopewood, William Hancock, James Lewis, Jr.

At a court held for Fairfax County the 16th day of January, 1809

The last will and testament of John Berkeley, deceased, was presented in court by James Lewis, the Executor herein named, who made oath, and the same being proved by the oaths of Moses Hopewood, William Hancock and James Lewis, Jr. Witness hereto is admitted to record and the said Executor having performed what the law requires, a certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate hereof in due form.

Logan County Funeral Home Records

Logan County Funeral Home Records

by Logan County Historical Society

Logan County, Kentucky

  • Jesse Wheeler Linton, age 69, housewife, born June 16, 1898, in Logan County, Kentucky, to George W. Wheeler and Margaret Stewart, died March 9, 1968, buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Russellville, Kentucky.  Spouse – Daniel Duncan Linton, deceased.
  • John Warder Linton, age 70, lawyer, born June 20, 1875, in Logan County, Kentucky, to John Linton and Emma Proctor, died November 27, 1945, buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Russellville, Kentucky.  Spouse – Mary Stevenson Linton.
  • John Wesley Linton, age 86, farmer, born November 14, 1843, in Kentucky, to Ben B. Linton and Nancy Newman, died July 4, 1930, buried in Pleasant Run Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky.  Spouse – Emma Proctor Linton, deceased.
  • Laura Mae Linton, age 71, housewife, born August 18, 1903, Logan County, Kentucky, to Herschel Hammonds and Gimmie Bradshaw, died March 26, 1975, buried in Pleasant Run Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky.  Spouse – Ben Proctor Linton.
  • Lucy Vitula Ragland Linton, age 80, housewife, born March 3, 1877, Butler County, Kentucky, to Lorenzo Ragland and Amanda Runner, died November 4, 1957, buried in Pleasant Run Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky.  Spouse – Benjamin Proctor Linton.
  • Maurice Ragland Linton, Sr., age 82, WWI Army, retired state employee, born July 24, 1898, Logan County, Kentucky, to Proctor Linton and Vitula Ragland, died November 26, 1980, buried in Pleasant Run Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky.  Spouse – Cleo Ballance Linton.
  • Myrtle Jennings Linton, age 79, teacher, born February 22, 1905, Logan County, Kentucky, to Charles Jennings and Callie Crittenden, died April 16, 1984, buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Russellville, Kentucky.  Spouse – Louis Linton, deceased.
  • Sally Ruth Linton, age 81, teacher, born April 10, 1902, Logan County, Kentucky, to Edward C. Price and Cora Hutchinson, died May 2, 1963, buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Russellville, Kentucky.  Spouse – T. D. Linton, deceased.
  • Thomas Dinsmore Linton, age 76, engineer, born April 14, 1902, Logan County, Kentucky, to Ben Proctor Linton, Sr., and Vitula Ragland, died May 18, 1978, buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Russellville, Kentucky.  Spouse – Sallie Ruth Price Linton.
  • Rosa Lee Kempf Lipford, age 75, housewife, born October 20, 1878, in Tennessee, died June 11, 1954, buried in Belmont Cemetery, Todd County, Kentucky.  Spouse – Benjamin Franklin Lipford.
  • Frances Wells Lipscomb, age 77, nurses aide, born August 10, 1913, Robertson County, Tennessee, to Robert Lee Wells and Cora Palmer Wells, died April 12, 1991, buried in Red Oak Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky.  Divorced.

Linton Family Bible


During our visit to Logan County, Kentucky, in March of 2013, Ritchey and I were fortunate to  meet a Linton cousin – Garwood Linton!  He is also a descendant of Captain John Hancock Linton through son Benjamin Franklin Linton.  I descend from Captain John’s son William and his daughter Nancy.  Garwood was kind enough to let us photo the family bible of John Wesley and Emma Adelaide Proctor Linton – his ancestors.  As you can see from the above photo, the bible has seen many years and shows its condition – but think of the history contained in that bible!  It is a treasured possession!


This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between John Wesley Linton of Logan County, Kentucky, and Emma Adelaide Proctor of Logan County, Kentucky, on the 11th day of November 1869, at M. D. Bell, by Rev. W. J. Taylor.  Witness:  C. F. James and John E. Hollins.



  • John Wesley Linton was born November 14, 1843
  • Emma Adelaide Linton was born October 11, 1850
  • Benjamin Proctor Linton was born March 8, 1872
  • John Warder Linton was born June 20, 1875
  • James Thomas Linton was born November 30, 1877
  • Lucy Newman Linton was born December 21, 1880
  • Hugh Walter Linton was born February 22, 1883



  • John Wesley Linton and Emma Adelaide Proctor were united in marriage November 11, 1869
  • Benjamin Proctor Linton and Lucy Vitula Ragland were united in marriage December 24, 1895
  • James Thomas Linton and Allie May Beauchamp were married October 25, 1905, by Rev. J. H. Moore
  • John Warder Linton and Eugenia Howard were united in marriage
  • Hugh Walter Linton and Lydabel Garnett were united in marriage February 5, 1913, at the home of the bride’s father, Walter F. Garnett, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, by Rev. Calvin M. thompson, Baptist minister


  • Lucy Newman Linton died March 15, 1903, of typhoid fever at Auburn, Kentucky
  • Emma Adelaide Proctor Linton died May 3, 1928, at home, Corinth, Kentucky.
  • John Wesley Linton died July 4, 1930, at B. F. Linton’s, Russellville, Kentucky
  • Benjamin Proctor Linton died January 19, 1941, at home, Corinth, Kentucky
  • Hugh Walter Linton died March 21, 1945, at home, Hopkinsville, Kentucky
  • James Thomas Linton died November  , 1945, at home, Russellville, Kentucky
  • John Warder Linton died November  , 1945, at home, Russellville, Kentucky

I do not have the marriage date for John Warder Linton and Eugenia Howard – and I notice it is not in the family bible.  The dates of death for the two brothers who died in November of 1945, with younger brother Hugh dying in March of the same year, are James Thomas Linton died November 13, and John Warder Linton died exactly two weeks later, November 27, 1945.

Lucy Newman Linton never married and had no descendants.

Benjamin Proctor Linton and Florence Vitula Ragland had eight children:  Maurice Ragland, Thomas Densmore, Benjamin Proctor, Jr., Lucy Evelyn, Amanda, John Lee, Vitula Florence and Sara Elizabeth Linton.

John Warder Linton and Eugenia Bell Howard had two children:  Martha Elizabeth and Eugenia Howard Linton.

James Thomas Linton and Allie Mae Beauchamp had two children:  James Clark and May Lucy Linton.

Hugh Walter Linton and Eliza “Lydabel” Belfield Garnett had three children:  Hugh Walter, Jr., Mary Adelaide and Frances Garnett Linton.





Mason Marriages from Nelson County, Kentucky

Mason Marriages from Nelson County, Kentucky

You have all heard my stories of Captain John Hancock Linton, my 4th great-grandfather, moving to Washington County, Kentucky, from Loudoun County, Virginia, in 1818.  His wife, Ann Nancy Mason Linton, his children and grandchildren, all made the long journey on horseback and in wagons.  My great-grandmother, Frances Barber Linton Montgomery, wrote that when they arrived in Washington County, the younger children were sent to Nelson County, to live with relatives – brothers and sisters of Ann Nancy Mason Linton – until homes could be built.  The following marriages are those of these relatives and other family members (relationship to Ann Nancy Mason Linton) – written in my very neat handwriting from 40 years ago!

  • Anthony Thomson married Caty Linton Mason (younger sister to Ann Nancy), the consent of George Mason (brother), her next friend, being personally given.  Surety, William Mason (brother), September 12, 1803.
  • William Wooton married Peggy Mason (Margaret), daughter of George Mason (brother).  Surety, Austin Hubbard, June 17, 1805.
  • Benjamin Yager married Kitty Mason (Catherine), daughter of George Mason (brother).  Surety, George Mason, September 9, 1812.
  • Daniel Haddox married Peggy (Margaret) Mason, both being above the age of 21.  Surety, George Mason (brother, father of Margaret), March 2, 1799.
  • Joseph Watson married Mrs. Margaret Haddox, widow of Daniel Haddox, deceased.  Surety, William W. Mason (brother), May 17, 1809.
  • James Porter married Elizabeth French, both being above the age of 21 years.  Surety, Ben Grayson, January 29, 1809.
  • James Porter married Nancy Mason, daughter of George Mason (brother), both being above the age of 21 years.  Surety, Joseph Watson, May 31, 1814.
  • Daniel Q. McMichael married Nancy S. Mason, daughter of Ben S. Mason (nephew), September 28, 1830.
  • Stephen May married Elizabeth Berkeley (niece of Captain John), daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Berkeley.  Surety, Jonathan Davis.  consent filed with bond.  Witnesses Jonathan Davis, Jonathan Berkeley, December 27, 1815.
  • John McKay married Sally Edwards, daughter of William Edwards.  surety, William Minor.  consent filed with bond.  Witnesses John Stone, William Minor, Hayden Edwards.  February 24, 1806.
  • Robert S. Davis married Lucinda Mason, daughter of John Mason (brother).  Surety, Stanley Young.  Consent filed with bond.  Witnesses Stanley Young and George Mason, December 22, 1810.
  • Nathaniel Batsell married Priscilla Mason, ward of William W. Mason (brother), daughter of John Mason (brother), deceased.  Surety, William W. Mason.  November 19, 1816.

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Deaths 1911-1915


Death certificates are a valuable source of information for genealogists.  Above is the death certificate for Laura Frances Montgomery, my grandmother’s sister, who died of tuberculosis at the tender age of 15 on December 11, 1912.  Laura had just celebrated her birthday a week earlier.  She was born December 4, 1897, to Robert E. Lee Montgomery and Frances Barber Linton in Washington County, Kentucky.  Laura is buried in St. Dominic Church Cemetery.  My mother named her youngest daughter – Laura Catherine – for this aunt she never knew.

Kentucky Vital Statistics – Deaths 1911-1915

Name of Child – County – Date of DEATH – Volume – Certificate #

  • Howard Montgomery, Fayette County, August 26, 1912, Vol. 49, #19449
  • Howard Montgomery, Jessamine County, August 26, 1912, Vol. 74, #29284
  • J. Byron Montgomery, Kenton County, March 29, 1911, Vol. 19, #7234
  • J. Ed. Montgomery, Hopkins County, April 9, 1912, Vol. 30, #11627
  • J. Sad. Montgomery, Livingston County, January 7, Vol. 5, #2174
  • J. T. Montgomery, Carroll County, May 10, 1914, Vol. 25, #12451
  • James Alford Montgomery, Franklin County, May 15, 1911, Vol. 31, #12054
  • James Henry Montgomery, Jefferson County, April 5, 1911, Vol. 29, #11320
  • James Homer Montgomery, Bullitt County, September 7, 1915, Vol. 43, #21312
  • Jesse L. Montgomery, Hopkins County, December 11, 1915, Vol. 61, #30224
  • John Montgomery, Bell County, July 4, 1914, Vol. 35, #17338
  • John Montgomery, Jefferson County, March 2, 1915, Vol. 14, #6985
  • John Montgomery, Union County, September 19, 1912, Vol. 60, #23605
  • John Frank Montgomery, Garrard County, June 14, 1911, Vol. 43, #16816
  • John Thomas Montgomery, Washington County, November 5, 1914, Vol. 61, #30020
  • John William Montgomery, Mercer County, August 13, 1911, Vol. 55, #21777
  • John William Montgomery, Union County, September 12, 1913, Vol. 51, #25437
  • John Z. Montgomery, Hardin County, July 19, 1911, Vol. 45, #17964
  • Johnnie Montgomery, Ohio County, November 14, 1912, Vol. 73, #28821
  • Joseph Montgomery, Daviess County, December 29, 1912, Vol. 76, #30131
  • Joseph Montgomery, Marion County, November 20, 1914, Vol. 60, #29518
  • Joshua Montgomery, Green County, March 11, 1913, Vol. 15, #7088
  • Laura Montgomery, Jefferson County, May 17, 1911, Vol. 32, #12589
  • Laura F. Montgomery, Washington County, December 11, 1912, Vol. 81, #32254
  • Leslie Montgomery, Jr., Adair County, May 6, 1915, Vol. 24, #11522
  • Lettie Montgomery, Washington County, September 29, 1912, Vol. 60, #23673
  • Lizzie Montgomery, Jefferson County, November 13, 1913, Vol. 60, #29616
  • Lucy Montgomery, Garrard County, October 13, 1912, Vol. 67, #26631
  • Lula Montgomery, Christian County, October 5, 1914, Vol. 51, #25427
  • M. A. Montgomery, Casey County, April 26, 1915, Vol. 19, #9233
  • Mandie Lucinda Montgomery, Union County, January 11, 1913, Vol. 6, #2917
  • Mandy Montgomery, Magoffin County, May 15, 1913, Vol. 30, #14684
  • Manerva Montgomery, Adair County, July 23, 1913, Vol. 36, #17640
  • Marion Montgomery, Magoffin County, November 9, 1913, Vol. 61, #30236
  • Mary Montgomery, Garrard County, May 4, 1915, Vol. 25, #12179