Linton Cemetery 2003

These are photos taken at the Linton Cemetery in Washington County, Kentucky,  in 2003.  At this time the property was owned by Reed Spalding.  He carefully tended the cemetery as you can see from the photos.  When he sold the property the new owners let it grow into bushes and weeds.  We visit once or twice a year, but not often enough to keep it in pristine shape like Mr. Spalding.  I am thrilled we were able to get such good photos at that time.

As you can see the fence and gate can easily be seen.  The last time we were at the cemetery there were indentions in the grass where a deer spent the night.

Captain John’s stone was much easier to read.

In Memory of

John Linton

Who departed this life

December 4th, 1836 in the

86th year of his age

In Memory of

William Moran

Who died 3rd January 1838

Aged 63 yrs 10 months and 17 days

This photo shows the placement of the stones.

The following two stones are the same size – just harder to tell with one on the ground and one in it!

William Linton

Eliza, Wife of William Linton

Benjamin Linton’s stone is broken into two pieces.

In Memory of


Benjamin Linton


In the 87th year of his


Milly N. Edwards

Born Jun 39, 1806

Died February 25, 1873

John L. Edwards

Born October 12, 1800

Died December 23, 1883

J. L.

W. M.

B. L.

Using shaving cream to make the lettering on the stones easier to read – just wash off afterwards!

Ritchey taking the GPS of the cemetery.

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  1. I, too, am a Linton descendant & will be visiting Kentucky soon—how may I find the Linton Family Cemetery in Washington Co?
    Jean Kauper (g-g-g-g-g-grandaughter of Capt JH Linton)

  2. I am a the ggggggrandaughter of William Moran. His grandson, Henry E Moran and wife Nancy Moran moved to St Clair Co, MO. Nancy is buried in Landacker Cemetery, off of Muddy Creek I can not find where Henry Moran is buried. Is there anyone out there that would know? I have pictures of the original homestead that the Moran’s built when they move to St Clair Co, would love to share if anyone is interested.
    Long lost cousin

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