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Old Families of Charles County, Maryland

13 Nov 1708 – 10 May 1709

William Barton of Mattawoman.  Mentions Alex Simpson.  Wife Eliza – 500 acres in Stafford County, Virginia.  Son William – 300 acres at Mattawoman in two tracts, ‘Wintworth’s Woodhouse’ and ‘Cowland’.  Mentions Bartons of Warwickshire, England.  Wife and son executors.

08 Apr 1720 – 23 May 1720

William Boarman, Sr.  To son William, personalty and land, reserving to use of wife Mary, dwelling plantation.  To son Joseph, tract between lines of son-in-law Marsham Warren and son Joshua Giurbert.  To son Thomas James, a tract of land.  To daughter Sarah, use of orchard with 60 acres where Betty Prockter lives, while unmarried.  To daughter Jane, 30 acres in hands of cousin Thomas Turner, and use of 60 acres from her brother Joseph’s tract, while unmarried.    To daughter Mary, use of 60 acres of her brother Thomas James’ tract, while unmarried.  To sons Joseph and Thomas James, tract between son-in-law Joshua Giurbert’s and Joseph’s great run.  The upper part of plantation where John Glass lives to son Joseph.  Wife Mary executrix.

-08 Dec 1719

Henry Brett.  To Ann Booker and Elizabeth Noble, personalty.  To son Richard, ‘The World’s End’, ‘The Addition’.  To son George, ‘Southrich’, ‘Bretts Addition’.  Wife executrix, brother George guardian.

15 Mar 1733 – 03 Jul 1734

Gabriel Moran, planter.  Wife Elizabeth, dwelling plantation; at her decease to son John and 150 acres of ‘Addition to Cattles Grave’, at her decease to unborn child.  To four sons, John, Peter, Andrew and William, residue of estate.  Executors, wife and son John.

04 Sep 1686 – 10 Jun 1687

John Ward, Sr.  Wife Dameris, 112 acres, ‘Angerstone’, during widowhood.  To son John, 300 acres, consisting of ‘Charlestown’ and ‘Ward’s Delight’.  To son Thomas at 19 years of age, 250 acres, ‘Old Plantation’, at head of Nanjemy; 100 acres, ‘Ingorthorpe’, and 50 acres adjoining William Stone’s.  To third son James at 19 years of age, 112 acres, ‘The Mountain’.  To 4th and youngest son Henry, and to youngest daughter, Catherine at 19 years of age, 550 acres lying between Pamunkey and Nating, equally.  Mentions sisters of aforesaid children, Mary, Eliza, Prudence.  To daughters Audrey Ward and Mary Wells, personalty.  Executors wife Dameris and son John.

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