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More on Scarlett Hancock – William Hancock

Note by: Phyllis Brown:  The following is taken from the Prince William County Deed Book Q 1763-1768, pp. 362-363.  John Hancock, son of Scarlett Hancock, sold land to John Tayloe. Evidently there was some dispute with Simon Hancock claiming to have some right to the land.  The interesting part of the ‘obligation’ is when John Hancock calls Simon Hancock his brother-in-law.  In the 18th century that term did not mean what it does today – it meant half-brother.   In older days it could mean step-brother – but we know they had the same mother.  By this deed we learn that Simon Hancock is the son of William Hancock and Ann Linton, a younger half-brother to John Hancock, son of Ann Linton and her first husband Scarlett Hancock.  This is still not absolute proof that William Hancock and Scarlett Hancock were brothers – but perhaps one more piece to the puzzle.

28 Oct 1765

Know all men by these presents that I, John Hancock of Prince William County, am bound to the Honorable John Tayloe, Esquire, of Richmond County, in the full and just sum of three thousand pounds Virginia currency to be paid to said John Tayloe, Esquire, his certain attorney to which payment to be done, I bind myself, my heirs, sealed with my seal and dated this 28th day of October 1765.

The condition of the above obligation is that whereas John Hancock, by deeds sold a certain tract of land to John Tayloe, Esquire, in County of Prince William, between the mouth of Occoquan River and Neabsco Creek, which tract of land was granted by deed of gift from Ann Linton, junior, daughter of Ann Linton, senior, and mother to said John Hancock, for one hundred acres, being the remainder of a larger tract supposed to contain 300 acres; two hundred of which was formerly given by deed of gift to John and Frances Linton, the son and daughter of said Ann Linton, senior, and whereas Simon Hancock of Loudoun County, brother-in-law to said John Hancock, doth claim and pretend to have a right to the said land which John Hancock hath sold to John Tayloe, Esquire, and there is now a suit depending in the General Court of this Colony between the above bound John Hancock and Simon Hancock, touching the right that each have to the said land.  Now if the above bound John Hancock doth before the first day of April next, ensuing the date hereof , obtain such deed or other such security from said Simon Hancock as said John Tayloe, Esquire, his certain attorney, his heirs, etc., shall choose and shall make and execute any such conveyance as shall be demanded of him by John Tayloe, his certain attorney, etc., for the more perfect and absolute confirming and securing the said land hath sold to John Tayloe, esquire, then the above obligation to be void, else remain in full force and virtue.

                      John Hancock

Witnesses:  Henry Lee, H. Ross, T. Blackburn, John Riddell, Traverse Nash

At a court held for Prince William County the 5th of November 1765.  This bond was proved by the oaths of Thomas Blackburn, gentleman, Travers Nash and John Riddell, three of the witnesses thereto, to be the act and deed of John Hancock and ordered to be recorded.

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