George Hertz Family

Oakland Cemetery, Solon, Iowa

Note by Phyllis Brown:  George Edwin Hertz is Ritchey’s great-grandfather.  He is the son of Henry and Florentina Probst Hertz.  George married Rosa Leuenberger 28 Sep 1898 in Johnson County, Iowa.  They had two children, Harold born in 1899, and Esther in 1901.  Rosa became ill with consumption and the family moved to Grainfield, Kansas, in hope that she would she would recover.  She died there 01 Mar 1907.  George married Myra Ethel Eaton 22 Nov 1916.  Leaving his children with his mother in Iowa, he and his new wife moved to Butler, Missouri.  His daughter Esther died 25 May 1925 at her father’s home in Butler, and was taken to the family cemetery in Solon, Iowa, for burial.  George Hertz died 28 Jul 1942, Ethel in 1964.  They were both brought back to Oakland Cemetery in Solon, Iowa, for burial.  George is buried on the left side of the large Hertz stone, with wife Rosa beside him.  Ethel is buried on the right side of the stone.  Daughter Esther is buried in left forefront, at the foot of her mother.

Gravestone of George Edwin Hertz

Rosa Leuenberger Hertz

Esther Myra Hertz Jolly

Myra Ethel Eaton Hertz

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  1. Great article and pics. Would love to visit that graveyard someday. Ester lived next door to the Browns…When she died, the Browns adopted our father (Rex).

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