Family Stories

Miss Montgomery

Mary Alice Montgomery

This is a beautiful picture of my maternal grandmother taken shortly before her marriage.  The picture was made in Lebanon, Kentucky, by J. W. Miller.  I love the beautiful material of the dress and the lace at the collar and cuffs.  I can see my mother in her eyes, nose and mouth.  Perhaps her engagement ring is what she’s wearing on her left hand?  I’m surprise she’s somewhat slouching in the chair!  My grandmother was always such a stickler for good posture and correct behavior!  Perhaps this was her rebellious stage?

Mary Alice Montgomery married Joseph Rueben Carrico.  She was the daughter of Robert E. Lee Montgomery and Frances Barber Linton.

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  1. The first thing I noticed was the ring on her left hand.

    Perhaps the photographer posed her in that position?? Or maybe you’re right: maybe that was a rebellious act!

    • I also have one taken of her sister, my Great-Aunt Maggie. It was the same photographer, same chair, her dress is made similar to my grandmother’s, also with a lace collar, But dear Aunt Maggie is sitting ram-rod straight! Both are two of the little girls in the earlier photograph from a few blogs back.

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