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Anna Margaret Montgomery

The companion picture to my grandmother’s published yesterday – my Great-Aunt Maggie.  Again, beautiful material for the dress, lace collar – and Maggie is wearing a watch (my grandmother is, too, but I couldn’t tell until I enlarged the picture).  Papa didn’t approve of Aunt Maggie’s choice of a beau and she remained single the rest of her life.  She and Uncle Bob, her younger brother, lived in the old house together after their parents died.  They had many, many old clocks – in the parlor, in the hall, in the dining room – I’m not sure how many there were in all!  As children we loved to hear them all chime at the top of the hour!

She was the daughter of Robert E. Lee Montgomery and Frances Barber Linton.


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  1. I bet the fabric on that dress “crinkled” when she moved! How sad that she wasn’t able to marry the man that she loved…..

    • Yes, she just withered away into this tiny little woman that I remember. She would be in her rocking chair when we visited and when you said something – close to ear so she could hear – she would always say, “Well, isn’t that nice!” – and never show emotion about anything. Think what could have been!

  2. Oh my I remember my Great Aunt Maggie also, and Bob. I remember her exactly as you described. And Bob was a lifelong bachelor. He had the most pleasant drawl. And the clocks! Takes me right back. Lovely people; I dearly miss them.

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