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Spalding Marriages in Washington County, Kentucky

Note by Phyllis Brown:  Spalding marriages from my files – just thought it would be interesting to see how a blog like this would go over.  There is just so much information I have and it seems a shame not to share.  I just pulled this last name out of the hat – although I do have a Spalding in my line – Richard who married Tabitha Edwards.

Spalding Marriages in Washington County, Kentucky

  • 08 Oct 1803      Spalding, Aaron married Mary Moore
  • 05 Mar 1867     Spalding, Abel F. married Jennie Spalding
  • 16 Jan 1805      Spalding, Benedict, Jr., married Mary Polly Hamilton
  • 16 Jan 1815      Spalding, Benedict, Jr., married Eliza Elder
  • 07 Nov 1832   Spalding, Benedict, Jr., married Eliza A. Beaven
  • 08 Nov 1821    Spalding, Benedict A. married Matilda Hagan
  • 25 Jul 1864      Spalding, Charles E. married Fanny C. Blandford
  • 27 Jan 1806     Spalding, Edward married Eliza Wathen
  • 04 Nov 1833   Spalding, Franklin married Ann Luckett
  • 15 Feb 1858     Spalding, Franklin married Matilda Simms
  • 12 Jun 1811      Spalding, George married Susannah Shuttlesworth
  • 19 Feb 1827     Spalding, George married Elizabeth Wimsatt
  • 16 Sep 1816    Spalding, George Washington married Elizabeth Raley
  • 09 Feb 1801    Spalding, Henry married Nancy Moore
  • 11 Feb 1873     Spalding, Henry married Ann Maria Spalding
  • 30 Jan 1809    Spalding, Ignatius married Juliet Montgomery
  • 25 Apr 1873    Spalding, J. R. married Josephine Berry
  • 04 Aug 1818   Spalding, James married Sara Green
  • 04 Feb 1850   Spalding, James married Caroline Fowler
  • 02 Nov 1826   Spalding, John married Harriett Pottinger
  • 21 Nov 1829   Spalding, John married Maria Lancaster
  • 08 Sep 1806   Spalding, Joseph married Elizabeth Moore
  • 12 Nov 1810   Spalding, Joseph married Susanna Elliott
  • 22 Jan 1818     Spalding, Joseph married Anna Abell
  • 03 Oct 1827    Spalding, Joseph married Theresa Moore
  • 20 May 1851  Spalding, Joseph married Teresa A. Smith
  • 18 Feb 1875    Spalding, L. T. married George Ann Reed
  • 20 Nov 1830  Spalding, Leonard married Catherine Lancaster
  • 10 Nov 1810   Spalding, Lewis married Susanna Buckman
  • 25 Feb 1873    Spalding, Logan T. married Lizzie Reed
  • 17 Nov 1798   Spalding, Richard married Nancy Taylor
  • 28 Jul 1801     Spalding, Richard married Henrietta Hamilton
  • 08 Jul 1805    Spalding, Richard married Tabitha Edwards
  • 17 Jan 1817    Spalding, Richard married Henny Thompson
  • 15 Nov 1825  Spalding, Richard married Mary Montgomery
  • 15 Feb 1827   Spalding, Richard married Mrs. Mary Adams
  • 22 Aug 1826  Spalding, Robert married Eleanor Thompson
  • 04 Sep 1875  Spalding, Samuel married Rose Barbour
  • 19 Apr 1802  Spalding, Thomas married Susanna Abell
  • 01 Jun 1811   Spalding, Thomas married Mary Warren
  • 14 Jan 1853   Spalding, Thomas E. married Ann Margaret Clements
  • 15 Jan 1813   Spalding, William married Elizabeth Thompson
  • 14 Jan 1820   Spalding, William married Bethelem Wathan
  • 25 Nov 1873  Spalding, William E. married Bettie A. Spalding
  • 20 Feb 1860  Spalding, William F. married Hetty McIntire

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  1. I would be interested in the Susanna Shuttlesworth. have you any records linking her to a Phillip Shuttlesworth, born Washington Co,Ky? late 1700’s early 1800’s. he married one Fannie Edwards, born va or ky. daughter of William Edwards and Edna Thornton both born Va. they lived in Casey County, ky near the Gilpin’s from Bedford Co., Va. Fannie was my gt grandfather’s sister.any information would be appreciated.
    Wa do.
    Mary little starr Martin

  2. Would be interested in anything you have on Joseph B Spalding. Joseph B was married to Isabelle Lennartz (sp) and they had at least 9 kids, including Laura Josephine, my maternal great great grandmother. Joseph was born about 1828 and his bride about the same time. I believe he is the child of George Spalding (1805) and Elizabeth Wimsatt, but do not have any documentation to yet prove it.

  3. Any information on a William Elder Bell who married a Emily Howard? Or any information on the Bells that lived in Washington, County. Supposedly are buried at St Rose.


    • W. E. Bell, born January 1, 1858, died July 15, 1936. Lilla, wife of W. E., born June 1863, died August 4, 1923. Could this be the two you are looking for? They are buried at St. Rose. I find no baptismal records for any Bell’s, no census records for Washington County.

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