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Today In Genealogy History – July 12, 2011

Euphemia Nesbitt Linton was born 165 years ago – July 12, 1839, in Virginia, to James Nesbitt Linton and Rachel M. Humphreys.  She was the granddaughter of William Linton and Euphemia Nesbitt; and William Humphreys and Hannah Dolan.

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  1. In the back of an old picture frame I have uncovered a pastel drawing of a lady with the tag Aunt Famy. My mother believes it to be a picture of the sister of her great grandfather, Rev. William Linton of Paint Pank, Va. Her given name was Euphemia.

    • Oh, how interesting! Euphemia Carson Linton, born c. 1815, was the daughter of John Barton Linton and Susannah D. Jarvis. Their other children were William, Sina, James B., George A. and Seth Linton. John Barton Linton was the son of William Linton and Euphemia Nisbett. I have more information if you would be interested. I would love to see a scan of your photo if you wouldn’t mind. My email is

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