Oakland Cemetery, Solon, Iowa

Jolly – Hertz – Leuenberger

Oakland Cemetery in Solon, Iowa, is the final resting place for Ritchey’s paternal grandmother and her ancestors.  In a previous blog about the George Hertz family there are photos for the gravestones of George Hertz, his first wife Rosa Leuenberger, second wife Ethel Eaton, and his daughter, Esther Hertz Jolly.  Esther is Ritchey’s grandmother.

George Hertz is the son of Henry Hertz and Florentine Probst Hertz.  The plot for the Henry Hertz family has a large stone in the center, with smaller individual stones surrounding it.

Gravestone for Henry Hertz:

Gravestone for Florentine Hertz:

The smaller stones:

  • Henry Hertz, 1824-1904
  • Florentine Hertz, 1834-1920
  • Maria Jauch, 1811-1880 (I’m not sure who this is!)
  • William Hertz, 26 Dec 1863 – 25 Jan 1931
  • Emil Hertz, 1872-1872; Emma Hertz, 1877-1880 (on one stone)
  • Charles Hertz, 1860-1862; Frank Hertz, 1862-1863 (on one stone)

Esther Hertz’s maternal grandparents – Jacob Leuenberger and Margareth Streich – are also buried at Oakland Cemetery.

Let’s review the genealogy:  Esther Hertz, Ritchey’s grandmother, is the daughter of George Hertz and Rosa Leuenberger.  George is the son of Henry Hertz and Florentine Probst.  Rosa is the daughter of Jacob Leuenberger and Margareth Streich.

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