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Today In Genealogy History – July 25, 2011

Sybilla Mary Elizabeth Carrico was born 163 years ago – July 25, 1848, in Washington County, Kentucky, the daughter of Pius M. Carrico and Mary Magdalene Spalding.  Sybilla was one of fourteen children.

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    The follwoing may be of some interest:

    [Use with care: many problems with this source.] The Filson Club History Quarterly Vol. 25
    The Carrico Family by Homer Edwin Carrico of Dallas Texas pages 238, 250.

    … Born to Nathaniel and Anne (O’Bryan) Carrico was:
    -Pias Carrico b. 1811. He m. Mary M. Spaulding (1812- ) 5 Nov 1830 in Washington County, Kentucky (Book 2, p 256 of the Marriage Records of Washington County, Kentucky). Their children were:
    -Mary J. Carrico b. 1834.
    -Martha E. Carrico b. 1835.
    -Rose A. Carrico b. 1836.
    -Harriett A. Carrico b. 1837.
    -Susan H. Carrico b. 1839.
    -Theresa F. Carrico b. 1842.
    -Rhoda C. Carrico b. 1843.
    -Bebeduct [Benedict?] Carrico b. 1844.
    -Amanda [Melvina Maranda?] Carrico b. 1846.
    -Savilla Carrico b. 1848. …

    … Census of 1850 of Washington County, Kentucky, gave age of Pias, name and age of wife and names and ages of children. Shown as living with this family was America Cahoe , 70 [could this be a sister or sister-in-law of Nathaniel?], born in Maryland. Nathaniel was shown as age 67 and having been born in Maryland. …

    Diann Harpley

    Nathaniel and Anne O’Bryan Carrico’s child was:
    -Pius M. Carrico b. 10 Nov 1810 in Kentucky; died 11 Jul 1894 in Marion County, Kentucky. …

    … Pius M. Carrico was buried 12 Jul 1894 in Holy Name of Mary Cemetery; Calvary; Marion County, Kentucky. He married first Mary Magdalene Spalding 7 Nov 1830 in St. Rose Catholic Church; Springfield, Kentucky, daughter of Richard Spalding and Tabitha Edwards. Mary Magdalene Spalding b. 18 Jun 1814 in Washington County, Kentucky; d. 14 Dec 1862 in Washington County, Kentucky. She was buried 15 Dec 1862 in St. Rose Cemetery; Springfield, Kentucky.
    Children of Pius M. and Mary Magdalene Spalding Carrico were:
    -Anne Carrico b. 14 Oct 1831 Washington County, Kentucky; d. 13 Aug 1901 Daviess County, Kentucky.
    -Mary Jane Carrico b. 31 Mar 1833 Washington County, Kentucky; d. 8 Feb 1855 Washington County, Kentucky.
    -Martha Ellen Carrico b. 11 Jun 1834 Washington County, Kentucky; d. after Jan 1903.
    -Rose Ann Carrico b. 30 Aug 1835 Washington County, Kentucky.
    -Frances Harriett Carrico b. 5 Aug 1837 Washington County, Kentucky; d. 20 Oct 1898 Washington County, Kentucky.
    -Susan Matilda Carrico b. 5 Feb 1839 Washington County, Kentucky; d. 22 Aug 1917 Louisville; Jefferson County, Kentucky.
    -Teresa Florida Carrico b. 12 Jan 1841 Washington County, Kentucky.
    -Rhoda Catherine Carrico b. 18 Sep 1842 Washington County, Kentucky; d. 8 Aug 1925 Marion County, Kentucky.
    -Benedict Joseph Carrico b. 1 Aug 1844 Washington County, Kentucky; d. 5 Oct 1928 Washington County, Kentucky.
    -Melvina Maranda Carrico b. 18 Jul 1846 Washington County, Kentucky.
    -Elizabeth Mariah Carrico b. 25 Jul 1848 Washington County, Kentucky.
    -Pius Nathaniel Carrico b. 25 Mar 1851 Washington County, Kentucky.
    -Francis Marion Carrico b. 31 Mar 1853 Washington County, Kentucky; d. 29 Mar 1903 Washington County, Kentucky.
    -John Martin Spalding Carrico b. 23 Jan 1859 Washington County, Kentucky.

    Pius M. Carrico married second Mary Ann Boarman 2 Nov 1864 in Marion County, Kentucky. Mary Ann died in 1895 in Marion County, Kentucky. …

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    Subject: Nathaniel Carrico Bible
    Author: Diann Harpley
    Date: 24 Jan 1999 12:00 PM GMT
    The following entries are taken from the Bible which belonged to Nathaniel Carrico. Nathaniel was the son of Bartholomew Carrico and his wife Winifred (Kitty) Paget Carrico. The title page of the Bible shows it as being printed in Philadelphia and Published by Eugene Cummiskey. Date is 1825.

    Nathaniel Carrico – his book bought and paid for….
    . . .
    -Elizabeth Mariah Carrico was born July 25 1848 in the year. . . .

    -Servilly Carrico died the 7th of October in the year of our Lord, 1862;


    CARRICO, PIUS (1860 U.S. Census)
    Age: 50, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: Maryland
    Series: M653 Roll: 399 Page: 1
    Dwelling 6, Family 6, Enumerated 2 Jun 1860.
    [NOTE: Pius Carrico and his wife Mary Margaret Spalding were both born in Kentucky and married there. All their children were born in Washington Co., Kentucky.]
    -Pius Carrico, 50, m, $6000/$4000, Maryland.
    -Mary Carrico, 48, f, Maryland.
    -Martha Carrico, 28, f, Maryland.
    -Rose Carrico, 25, f, Maryland.
    -Harriet Carrico, 23, f, Maryland.
    -Susan Carrico, 22, f, Maryland.
    -Tressa Carrico, 20, f, Maryland.
    -Catherine Carrico, 19, f, Maryland.
    -Joseph Carrico, 17, m, Maryland.
    -Maranda Carrico, 14, f, Maryland, attending school.
    -Savilla Carrico, 12, f, Maryland, attending school.
    -Minno[?] Carrico, 10, m, Maryland, attending school.
    -Frank Carrico, 8, m, Maryland, attending school.

    Marilyn and Dan Devaney in Hawaii

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