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Carrico Siblings

Carrico Siblings

This photo was taken in January 1938 in Youngstown, Illinois.  These are five of ten brothers and sisters, children of Joseph Benedict Napoleon Carrico and Melvina Ann Smith.

Left to right in the picture are Helen Nora (Nell) Carrico – she was single at this time but later married Thomas Leon Blandford.  Next is Catherine Jessie who married Garland Francis Hamilton.  The next is my granddaddy, Joseph Rueben Carrico, who married Mary Alice Montgomery.  Mary Abigail, “Abbie”, the baby of the family, married Bernard Albert Smith.  Francis Arthur Carrico, far right, married Effie Raymond Smith.  Two daughters, Hally and Josephine, died young.  The three remaining siblings who weren’t in the picture were John Henry Carrico, who married Susan Frances Warren; Mary Belle Carrico, who married Edward Smith; and Richard Fletcher Carrico, who married Margaret Hamilton.

Everyone lived in Washington County, Kentucky, except Uncle Arthur, who had moved to Illinois.  I’m not sure what the occasion was for the visit, but I’m sure they had a wonderful time.  I’m so glad they took this photo as a remembrance and that it has survived the years.

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  1. Phyllis, you do a marvelous job of sharing. Thanks for posting this picture. Since the Carrico family connects with my Porter Family, is it possible that you could post the dates and where of the Carrico silblings birth and deaths
    I have their parents as Pius M. and Mary Magdalene Spalding 1st wife, were these children all from the first marriage? Thanks again Dottie Porter Himes
    One last question, do you or anyone know any information on Catherine Theresa Carrico who married General John G. Porter son of Philip and Nancy Ann (Brent) Porter. I would appreciate any info about John G. being a General in what military service, and anything anyone would know about Philip Porter and wife Nancy Ann who lived in Taylorsvlle, KY. Thanks in advance.

  2. Thanks Phyllis, yes, I misquoted. I know the Carrico siblings were the children of Joseph Benedict Napoleon Carrico and Melvina Ann Smith. However, I did not have the children, that is whey I was interested in their birth and death dates and where. Re John G. Porter and Catherine Theresa Carrico, I was just hoping that I could find someone who knows more about them. Thanks in advance.

    • All the Carrico children were born in Washington County, Kentucky, near St. Rose Church. Their dates are as follows:
      Hally Carrico – no birth date – before 1880
      John Henry Carrico – 18 Jan 1875 – 09 Aug 1957
      Mary Belle Carrico – 13 Oct 1877 – 31 Jan 1946
      Francis Arthur Carrico – 19 Mar 879 – 22 May 1945 (died in Illinois)
      Catherine Jessie Carrico – 21 Mar 1881 – 24 Nov 1963
      Ann Josephine Carrico – 21 Mar 1881 – died young
      Richard Fletcher Carrico – 04 Feb 1883 – 1 Feb 1950
      Joseph Rueben Carrico – 15 Jan 1885 – 27 May 1961
      Helen Nora (Nell) Carrico – 01 Mar 887 – 26 Aug 1971
      Mary Abigail Carrico – 23 Jan 1889 – 17 Jan 1966

      I didn’t have time to get this list to you yesterday. All except Arthur died in Kentucky.

  3. We are the descendants of James Welsey Carrico who was born in 1880 in Monroe City Missouri. James and his wife, immigrated to Alberta Canada in about 1908 to take advantage of the free land available in Alberta at that time.

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