Family Stories

Letter to Ben Edwards, 1851

Milburn, KY  Sept. 18th, 1851

Mr. B. Edwards

Dear friend,

So soon as I could, after receiving your last letter, I informed Messrs. J. W. Janes and William King and requested them to meet me as soon as they could in the town of Milburn, and I suppose some two months ago, we three met and had an overhauling of the rents and the improvements pertaining to your place where Mr. King now lives, and found the following state of case viz.

That a Mr. Blackwell was down until the termination of this crop.  Mr. King will owe for rents $129.00 cents and has paid rents by clearing of ground, making rails and putting same up, at prices agreed upon , to the amount of $86.37 cents.  And has built a house in which he now lives for which he charges $50.00 cents.  Mr. King told Mr. Janes and myself if we were not willing to allow him fifty dollars for the dwelling house that we might call on two or three disinterested men and let them say what it was worth.  But we felt satisfied that the building could not be put up for that amount of money, so we concluded to let his charge, $50, stand until we could hear from you.

This statement leaves you in Mr. Kings’ debt at the end of this year $7.37 cents which prevents us from taking his bond for rents and possession at the end of this year.  There has been no taxes paid since Esqr. Janes paid them for you.

Mr. King is willing to leave your place at the end of the year if you wish, or he will rent for another year, if in time to sow wheat and give bond for rent and possession, as may hereafter be agreed upon.

If you wish, I can at some more leisure moment inform you of the No. of rails that Mr. King has made and put up, the amount of ground he has cleared and the amount of ground he has cultivated each year – all of which has been closely investigated by Esqr. Janes and myself – the result of which I have given you above.

We have had a very sickly season here and from this lamentable fact have not had time to write these few lines before, since bout the middle of July.  My family and connection are all in tolerably good health at this time.  Sickness is abating.


H. Reid

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  1. It’s always so interesting to read old correspondence and note how very different it is from modern day letters.
    I love to discover old paperwork of any kind!

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