Montgomery Burials at St. Dominic Cemetery

Montgomery Burials at St. Dominic Cemetery

William Peter Montgomery and Martha Ann Carrico Montgomery are my great-great-grandparents.  William was born a couple of months after his father died during the cholera epidemic of 1833 in Washington County, Kentucky.  Martha and William had 10 children – their son Robert E. Lee Montgomery was my great-grandfather.  William Peter Montgomery, August 7, 1833 – August 22, 1910.  Martha Ann Carrico Montgomery, October 26, 1839 – October 17, 1921.

Robert married Frances Barber Linton in 1893.  They had 7 children, only three of which married.  Robert E. Lee Montgomery, September 15, 1865 – July 14, 1953.  Frances Barber Linton Montgomery, August 13, 1867 – August 2, 1945.

Laura Frances was only 15 when she died of tuberculosis.  December 4, 1897 – December 11, 1912.

Son Benjamin Taylor Montgomery lived less than a month – October 21, 1908 – November 7, 1908.

Margaret Ann “Maggie” and Robert Lee “Bob” were old maid and old bachelor siblings that lived their entire life together.  After their parents died they lived in the same house until their own deaths.  I remember it was filled with old clocks that all struck the hour at the same time!  Margaret Ann Montgomery, September 18, 1895 – February 18, 1984.  Robert Lee Montgomery, August 17, 1903 – March 25, 1985.

Daughter Lillian Catherine married Guy B. Goodrich.  They had no children.  Lillian Catherine Montgomery Goodrich, March 11, 1900 – May 31, 1994.  Guy B. Goodrich, February 28, 1900 – May 10, 1974.

Son Edward Montgomery and wife Louise Parrott are buried at St. Dominic.  Edward Montgomery, May 17, 1905 – August 21, 1974.  I do not have a photo of their gravestone.

My grandparents, Mary Alice Montgomery and Joseph Rueben Carrico are buried at St. Rose.

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  1. Phyllis, First of all thanks for the above, I was able to connect them with the reocrds in my database.
    I am also trying to put the Carrico/ Montgomery records in order.
    is your father Joseph Robert Carrico son of Joseph Reuben Carrico and Mary Alice Montgomery.
    Also I am trying to connect Vivian Eleanora Richey Brown, the picture on the main page., Am I remembering correctly that Richey Brown is your husbands family.?
    Thanks for your help.
    Dottie Porter Himes

    • Dottie, No, my mother was Catherine Lyons Carrico, daughter of Joseph Rueben Carrico and Mary Alice Montgomery. Vivian Eleanora Ritchey Brown is my husband’s mother. He was given her maiden name for his Christian name – Ritchey (notice the ‘t’). Ritchey’s dad was Rex Edwin Jolly, who was adopted when two years of age – hence we are Brown’s instead of Jolly’s!

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