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Today In Genealogy History – November 6, 2011

Henrietta Cambron and John Yates were married 213 years ago – November 6, 1798 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Henrietta was the daughter of Henry Cambron and Margaret Harbin.  John was the son of John Estes Yates and Elizabeth Gaines, both of Virginia.  John and Henrietta had 6 children:  John, Francis, Edward, Mary Polly, Theresa and Henry.

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  1. Phyllis, I may not comment on all of your wonderful pieces of information,but receiving them are a dream.For me, it has given me linking pieces into my mothers fathers side of the family , the Montgomery family from that area.As in with this name, I know it is in the family as I research. Although it may be in a branch of my tree, names tend to stay jump out at me when you write of them as you have done.Please do not ever stop!!

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