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Today In Genealogy History – November 17, 2011

Martha Shirley and Samuel Hodges were married 204 years ago – November 17, 1807 – in Albemarle County, Virginia.  Samuel was the son of William W. Hodges.  Martha was the daughter of Thomas Shirley and Mary Yates of Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  Samuel and Martha had 11 children:  Porterfield Harrison, Emily Jane, John Tolbert, Thomas P., Henry Albert, William S., Samuel Harvey, Benjamin Addison, Lafayette W., Lewis Waller and Jefferson P. Hodges.  The family eventually moved to Nelson County, Kentucky.

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  1. Thomas P. Hodges was my great, great grandfather. He was a medical doctor, and went to Louisville medical colleege, now University of Louisville Medical School. He married Catherine Francis Carter, and took over her father, James T. Carter’s(1788-1858) farm in Green County, KY. The farm is in the family today, and many of my ancestors are burried there.

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