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Easham Family of Lewis County, Kentucky

from History of Lewis County, Kentucky

Easham Family

Easham, William, who came to Lewis County in 1806 and settled on the farm known as the Pugh farm, on Salt Lick, married Martha Ruark, and died in 1850. The following are their children:  Peggy, Joshua, Nancy, John Handly, William, Lucretia, Harriet, Rebecca, and Arthur.

Easham, John Handly, was born in 1804, and died 1877. His children are William, John, Nancy, Robert, and Betty.

Easham, William, married Lucy Thomas, and now lives on Indian Fork on Kinniconnick.  His children are Betty, who married William Jordan; Richard, who is married and lives with his father; Frederick, Nancy, Parma, William,
Clay, Lucy, and Clark, still children at home.

Easham, Elisha, was born 1802 and died 1868; married his cousin, Lucretia Easham, and settled on Kinniconnick, near Crum Post-office.  To them were born the following children:  Jonathan, who still lives on Kinniconnick;
Edward, who lives on Paint Lick; Eliza, Elizabeth, Martha Jane, and Nancy, who is the wife of Marion Meadows; George, Mary, and Sarah.

Easham, George, married Virginia Meadows, and lives on the old Ben Plummer farm, at the top of the hill on the road from Petersville to Mudlick and Mt. Carmel. He has four children:  Charles, Crosby, Marion, Ora.

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