Family Stories

The Brown Family of Washington County, Kentucky

from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky

Brown Family

The Brown or Browne family of Washington County is first found here in the year 1804.  In that year Amey Cocke, widow of Stephen Cocke, of Virginia, came to Washington County in company with her three sons, Richard, Stephen and Thomas J.  With her, the widow Cocke brought several of her grandchildren, orphans of her daughter, Elizabeth, who had married William Brown in Virginia.  These children were William Brown, Stephen Cocke Brown and Eliza Beverly Brown.

William Brown, probably the eldest of the orphans, studied medicine and was a practicing physician in Washington County.  He died in 1821, leaving a widow and two children, William Brown and Richard Jones Brown.  William, like his father, was a physician.  He married Susan M. Cozine and had Hadgie, Mattie, Jennie and Richard J.  Richard J. Browne was one of the most distinguished lawyers of his time.  He married Hadgie McElroy and died without issue.

Eliza Beverly Brown, sister of William and Stephen C., married Jack Jouett.  She died young, leaving several children.

Stephen Cocke Brown was born near Petersburg, Virginia, September 20, 1798.  Both of his parents dying while he was young, he was left in care of his maternal grandmother, Amey Cocke, and by her brought to Kentucky in 1804.  He later returned to Virginia and studied at Hampden-Sidney College and then came again to Kentucky in 1813, in company with his uncle, Samuel Booker.  After his return to Washington County in 1813 he served as a deputy in the office of the Clerk of Washington County Court.  He married, March 21, 1821, Mary E. Davison, daughter of Elias Davison, a prominent citizen of Springfield.

  After his marriage in 1821, Stephen C. Brown moved to the country.  His home was near the Beech Fork and on the road from the Dr. Hopper place in Poortown.  Robert Tate McElroy is the present occupant of the old home.  Stephen C. was one of the county’s leading citizens and a devout member of the Presbyterian Church.  He gave the land whereon Pleasant Grove Church stands.  He died January 15, 1864.  His wife died December 7, 1867.  she was born September 11, 1805.  Both are buried at Pleasant Grove.

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  1. Susan M. Cozine – details – Susan Mary Cozine b 1837, parents
    John C Cozine Jr. b 1799 & Martha Light of Mercer Co., KY.

    Thank you for sharing the details of this family group – we only knew of 1 dau. from her marriage to William Browne in 1856.

  2. I believe my ancestor was hatched!!!!!! He can not be found of all the BROWNS I have searched. No one responds to or about a Joshua Brown born 25 Jan 1795 in Wilson Co, Tenn and married in Ruth Shipley 18 Jan 1817 in Barren Co. Ky. first child born 8 July 1814 in Tenn was my gg grandmother Lovesta Ann Brown md Christopher Billingsley. Can not connect him to Hezekiah Brown. thanking anyone who can help. I hope this reach some one who knows.

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