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Isaiah Hill – Pension Application – Civil War

My great-grandfather, Isaiah Hill, was born about 1835 in Garrard County, Kentucky.  He was named for his father.  Isaiah Hill, Sr., died during the Hill-Evans feud March 13, 1852.  Isaiah’s mother, Lucy Murphy Hill, died two years previous.  On September 25, 1861, he enrolled at Camp Robinson, and mustered in January 2, 1862, in Harrodsburg, a private in Captain Downey’s Company E, 19th Regiment Kentucky Infantry, Union Army.  Isaiah made it through the war and with his company returned to Louisville in January of 1865 to muster out.  The soldiers were kept in barracks in Louisville for a bit, and it was during this time Isaiah contracted small pox – along with several others from his company.  Captain John Barnett took Isaiah to the hospital, where he remained until March 27, 1865.  Small pox settled in his right eye, blinding him.  His body was so covered with pox he was badly scarred for the rest of his life.  Years ago I requested information from Washington, D.C.  I was sent a package of papers 3/4 inch thick, giving all information about requesting a pension, updating information in subsequent years, and having the pension transferred in 1919 to Lydia Ross Hill, when Isaiah died.  My grandfather, Jessie Delbert Hill, was their youngest child.

A list of children of Isaiah Hill and Lydia Ross, taken from the pension records:

  1. William Taylor Hill, born May 28th, 1871
  2. Randall Hill, born December 4th, 1872
  3. Rufus B. Hays Hill, born April 13th, 1875
  4. Lucy Jane Hill, born August 7th, 1877, died October 21st, 1881
  5. John Garfield Hill, born January 30th, 1880, died October 21st, 1882
  6. Bettie Ann Hill, born May 14th, 1882, died March 16th, 1917
  7. Isaiah Hill, born January 16th, 1885
  8. Louisa Hill, born March 7th, 1887
  9. Alpha Hill, born November 2nd, 1889
  10. Jessie Delbert Hill, born August 8th, 1893

State of Kentucky, County of Mercer

On this 15th day of September 1877, before the undersigned clerk of the Mercer County Court, Kentucky, personally appeared John Barnett, late a captain in Co. E, 19th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Volunteer, who being by me duly sworn, states that Isaiah Hill was a private soldier in his company, that he was intimately acquainted with him during their service of three years together.  That his eyes were apparently sound as any man’s eyes previous to his attack of small pox, which occurred at Louisville, Kentucky, in latter part of February 1865 or in March 1865.  That he (Barnett) remained in Louisville, Kentucky, in the grocery business for some time after his discharge, and that the said Hill took small pox while the regiment

was in the barracks at Louisville and was sent off to hospital before any of us were discharged.  That he visited said Hill frequently while in the hospital, that he had a very bad case of small pox, his whole person being now deeply scarred.  That he saw his eyes while very bad and when convalescent that a principle of small pox come in or near the center of his right eye, which to all appearance has entirely destroyed vision therein.  That in his belief it certainly was small pox that destroyed his vision in right eye.

He further states that he has made affidavit heretofore in this same case and in that affidavit, it was not shown that the loss of sight was the result of small pox.  That he could then have given all the information there that he now does.  That he did not dictate that affidavit and that this one is made to supply the facts that were fresh and apparent to him then.  That were not unbodied therein but intended by him to be so corrected.  This affidavit he gives with other interest whatever in the case than that simple justice be done said soldier.

John Barnett, Late Captain Co. E., 19th Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers

Additional evidence invalid pension no 110.628, Case of Isaiah Hill, Private, Co. E., 19th Regiment Kentucky Volunteers

Captain John Barnett

Sworn and subscribed to before me by John Barnett, late Captain Co. E, 19th KY Infantry, whom I hereby certify to be respectable and entitled to full credit and belief and that I have no interest whatsoever in said Hill’s claim for pension.

Ben C. Allin, Clerk, Mercer County Court

Lincoln County Pioneer Families – Woods

Interior Journal, Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky

Tuesday, July 22, 1952

Lincoln County Pioneer Families

By H. W. Mills

Woods Family

The Woods family of Virginia and Kentucky descends from the immigrant, Michael Woods.  Of him, Rev. Edgar Woods, in his History of Albemarle County, Virginia, states (page 351):  ‘The first Woods who settled in Albemarle was Michael, who was born in the North of Ireland in 1684, and with his wife, Mary Campbell, and most of his children, came to this country sometime in the decade of 1720.  Landing on the banks of the Delaware, he spent some years in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, thence ascended the Valley of Virginia, and crossed the Blue Ridge by Woods’ Gap in 1734.  In 1737 he entered more than 1300 acres on Mechum’s River and Lickinghole, and the same day purchased 2000 acres patented two years before by Charles Hudson and situated on the head waters of Ivy Creek.  It is believed he was the first settler in western Albemarle, and perhaps anywhere along the east foot of the Blue Ridge in Virginia.  His home was near the mouth of Wood’s Gap.  He died in 1762 and was interred in the family burying ground about a hundred yards from the dwelling.  His tombstone was standing just after the Civil War, when it was broken to pieces and disappeared; but a fragment discovered a few years ago indicated the year of his birth.  His will is on record, in which are mentioned three sons and three daughters, Archibald, John, William, Sarah the wife of Joseph Lapsley of Rockbridge, Hannah, the wife of William Wallace, and Margaret, the wife of Andrew Wallace.’

(It is said that Michael Woods, the immigrant, was son of John Woods of Scotland, and his wife, Elizabeth Worsopp, the latter a descendant of Sir Adam Lohos, Archbishop of Ireland.  Tradition is that Mary Campbell, wife of Michael Woods, was of the Duke of Argyle line.)

Captain John Woods (son of Michael, the immigrant), was born February 19, 1712, and died October 14, 1791.  He married Susanna Anderson, daughter of Rev. James Anderson, whom he knew as a child in Pennsylvania.  Their children were as follows:

  1. Michael Woods, married Esther Carothers; removed from Albemarle County to Nelson County, Virginia; children: William M., Mary (married Hugh Barclay); Susan (married Nathaniel Massie); John, James and Samuel.
  2. James Woods (born 1748; died 1823), was an officer in the American Revolution. He married Mary Garland, daughter of James Garland of Albemarle County, and removed to Lincoln (now Garrard) County, Kentucky, where they reared a family of 12 children.
  3.  Susan Woods, married Daniel Miller, and removed to Kentucky.
  4. Mary Woods, married John Reid.
  5. Luty Woods (born February 29, 1752; died March 26, 1823, Garrard County, Kentucky) married on September 9, 1779, to Samuel Reid, born January 25, 1754; died November 26, 1835, in Garrard County, Kentucky. Their children:  1) Alexander; 2) Mary, 3) James; 4) Susanna; 5) John, born October 25, 1783, Hustonville, Kentucky, died there October 3, 1861; married April 10, 1810, Jane Murrell, born October 6, 1787; died September 15, 1850, daughter of Col. George Murrell, member of the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1799 and Kentucky Senate, 1813, and had issue:  Amanda, James, George, Eliza, Sarah, Samuel, William and John.  John Murrell, born November 16, 1823; died March 13, 1895, married Elizabeth Ann Devonshire Hays, born November 26, 1830; died December 18, 1911, and had issue:  Frances, Dr. Hugh, James Campbell, Elizabeth and Mary.

(Authorities:  Woods’ History of Albemarle County, Virginia; Morton’s History of Rockbridge County, Virginia; family notes from a descendant in Kansas; records from Miss Esther Burch, Stanford, Kentucky.)

More on the Wood’s family in the coming days.

Salbritt Doty and Emily Henderson Marriage Bond and License

Know all men by these presents that we, Sabritt Doty and Alexander Henderson, are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the penal sum of fifty pounds current money, the payment of which well and truly to be made.  We bind ourselves, our heirs, jointly, severally and firmly by these presents, sealed and dated this 22nd day of February 1836.

The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a license about to issue from the clerk’s office of the Garrard County Court for a marriage intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound Sabritt Doty and Emily Henderson.  Now should there be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.

Sabritt Doty, Alexander Henderson

Witness, James H. Letcher, County Clerk

State of Kentucky, Garrard County – To wit

I, James H. Letcher, Clerk of the County Court in and for the Count aforesaid, do certify that bond and security have been taken in my office and consent given as the law requires for a license to issue for a marriage intended to be had and solemnized between Sabritt Doty and Emily Henderson.

This is therefore to empower any legally authorized minister of the gospel to join together in the holy state of matrimony the said Sabritt and Emily, according to the rules and ceremonies of his church.

Given under my hand as clerk of the County Court of Garrard County this 22nd day of February 1836.

James H. Letcher, Clerk


Crain-Reynolds 1836 Marriage Bond and Consent – Garrard County

Know all men by these presents, that we, Eli B. Crain and James H. Sterman, are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the just and full sum of fifty pounds, current money, to which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, jointly and severally by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 30th day of January 1836.

The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound Eli B. Crain and Mary Jane Reynolds of Garrard County.  Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the same, then the above obligation to be void, else to be and remain in full force and virtue.

Eli B. Crain, J. H. Stirman

This is to certify that the Clerk of the Garrard County Court is hereby authorized to issue license to Eli B. Crain to marry my daughter, Mary Jane Reynolds, given under my hand this 30th January 1836.

David Reynolds

Attest.  James H. Stirman, Moses Reynolds

I certify that the foregoing certificate was known to be the act and deed of David Reynolds by the oath of James H. Stirman, a subscribing witness thereto, January 30, 1836.

A. N. McKee, D. C

Joseph West – Crushed by Log

Joseph West, born January 12, 1830, died January 21, 1853.  Forks of Dix River Cemetery, Garrard County, Kentucky.

The Kentucky Tribune, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky

Friday, January 21, 1853

How said to have such a young man taken from his family.  In the 1850 census of Garrard County Joseph is the oldest child, listed with parents Richard and Allena, along with seven brothers and sisters.

Prepare for death.  I was in health when stricken down by a log.  4 days before my death.

Friend, for I  had no enemy.  Where I am I want you to come.

Tharp and Tabitha Hughes Obituaries

Tharp Hughes, died January 20, 1887, aged 76 years.  Forks of Dix River Baptist Cemetery, Garrard County, Kentucky.

The Kentucky Advocate, Danville, Boyle County

Friday, January 28, 1887

Tabitha Hughes, born August 24, 1816, died March 9, 1890[8].

The Stanford Interior Journal, Lincoln County, Kentucky

March 11, 1898

From the Garrard County census records Tharp and Tabitha’s children are listed as Virginia Catherine, William H., America, Abner, Lysander, Adelia and Mina.  I believe there was one more, Flora.  In 1860 Tabitha’s mother, Mary O’Bannon, is living with the family.  And Tabitha’s surname is supported by the birth record of Adelia, May 20, 1855, which lists her parents as Tharp Hughes and Tabitha O’Bannon.

1796 Will of Joshua Blanton of Garrard County

Joshua Blanton came to Kentucky from Prince Edward County, Virginia.  In the 1790 census of that county, he was listed with ‘fourteen white souls’, one dwelling and five other buildings. 

Daughter Betsy married Lewis Hawks 22 September 1786 in Prince Edward County.  Fanny married William Blanton (a cousin ?) 2 May 1798 in Garrard County.  Elijah married Mary McKee 16 September 1813 in Jessamine County.  Jesse married Sarah Cozine 28 October 1800 in Shelby County.  Son Joshua married Elizabeth Nelson 25 April 1795 in Mercer County.

Garrard County Will Book A, Pages 4-5

In the name of God, amen.  I, Joshua Blanton, of Mercer County and State of Kentucky, of sound memory, do make this my last will and testament.

Item.  I lend to my wife, Lucy Blanton, the land whereon I now live, with all the negroes, stock and household furniture that I may die possessed of, with all other of my property that may be on the said plat at my death.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my sons, Jesse, Joshua and Billy, my tract of land lying in Jefferson County of one hundred and twenty-seven acres, to be equally divided between them, said sons Jesse, Joshua and Billy.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my son Elijah the land whereon I now live at the death of my wife, Lucy.

Item.  I give to my son John five shillings.  All the other property that may be at the death of my wife I give to my daughters – Amy, Polly, Diny, Betsy, Fanny, Nancy and Patsy, to be divided between the said daughters, with a deduction to Betsy of thirty-five pounds which I have

Before given her as also twenty pounds to Lucy before given in part of their portions.

I appoint my wife Lucy Blanton, my son, Joshua Blanton and my friends Lewis Hawks and James Speed to be Executrix and Executors of this my last will and testament.  All my just debts are to be paid immediately after my death and the money left to be divided between my daughters that have received no part of their portion.

In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand and seal this 21st day of July one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six.

Joshua Y. Blanton

Witnesses – Polly S. Hopkins, Cumberland Hart, Henry Speed

At a court held for the County of Garrard at the court house on Monday the 7th August 1796, the last will and testament of Joshua Blanton, deceased, was proved by the oath of Cumberland Hart and Henry Speed, witnesses thereto and it is ordered to be recorded.