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Quaker Marriages Westchester County, New York

Quaker Marriages Westchester County, New York

Solomon Heaviland of Rye, son of Benjamin (deceased), married Hannah Carpenter, daughter of Thomas, of Rye, 17 Nov 1742, at the Meeting House, Purchase, New York.

William Keese of Flushing married Mary Dobson, daughter of Thomas (deceased), 15 Apr 1743, at the house of Edward Burling, Jr., at Long Reach.

Dobson Wheeler of New Castle, Delaware, married Hannah Talcott, of New Milford, Connecticut, 15 Dec 1743, at the house of Joseph Ferris, New Milford.

John Hutchins of North Castle, New York, son of John (deceased), married Charity Heiveland, daughter of Benjamin of Rye, 16 Jun 1742, at the Purchase Meeting House.

Murray Lester of Dutchess County, son of Mordecai and Mary, married Abigail Akin, daughter of David and Sarah, of Worcestershire in the Oblong, 03 Aug 1743, at Worcestershire.

John Rodman, Jr., of Bensalem, Pennsylvania, married Mary Palmer, widow of the late Robert Palmer, of Mamaroneck, 20 Nov 1746 at Mamaroneck.

Thomas Farrington of Flushing, Long Island, married Kesiah Baker of White Plains, 15 Sep 1749 at Mamaroneck.

Benjamin Cornell, son of Richard of Manor of Scarsdale, married Abigail Stevenson, daughter of Stephen Stephenson (deceased), of Rye, 17 Nov 1742 at Purchase.

William Cornell, son of Joshua and Charity of Greenwich, Connecticut, married Mary Quinby, daughter of Josiah (deceased) and Hannah of Mamaroneck, 15 Sep 1748 at Mamroneck.

Thomas Vail of Westchester, son of Samuel and Abigail (deceased), married Mary Griffen, daughter of John and Hannah of Mamaroneck, 16 Dec 1736, at the house of Richard Cornell.

Stephen Field of Oblong, Yeoman, married Mary Hunt of Westchester, 17 of Mar 1757, at the Westchester Meeting House.

Samuel Quinby of North Castle, New York, son of Moses, married Ann Powell, of North Castle, New York, 17 Mar 1757 at Shapequa.

John Hosier of White Plains married Hannah Horton of Scarsdale, 15 of Nov 1758 at Purchase.

Samuel Baker of White Plains married Mary Ann Palmer of Greenwich, Connecticut, 15 of Nov 1758 at Purchase.

Isaac Underhill, son of Abraham Underhill, of Rye, married Sarah Field, daughter of Robert Field of Greenwich, 18 Aug 1756, at Purchase.

James Fowler, son of Samuel of East Chester, married Hannah Cornell, daughter of Joseph of Scarsdale, 21 Dec 1758 at Mamaroneck.

Henry Matthews, son of William and Ruth of Phillipsburgh, married Mary Bloodgood, daughter of Joseph and Sarah of Purchase, New York, 17 Jan 1759 at Purchase.

Joseph Cornell, son of Joseph and Phoebe of Westchester County, married Sarah Hedden, daughter of Job of Westchester County, 15 Jul 1756 at Mamaroneck.

Abraham Carpenter, son of John and Charity of North Castle, New York, married Lydia Totten, daughter of Peter and Freelove of North Castle, New York, 20 Sep 1759 at Shappaqua.

Jacob Griffen, Jr., son of John of Mamaroneck, and Dorcas (deceased), married Hannah Haviland, daughter of Ebenezer and Phoebe (both deceased), of Westchester County, 21 Nov 1754 at Mamaroneck.

John Griffin of Phillipsburgh, married Judith Marshall of Greenwich, Connecticut, 22 of Aug 1759 at Purchase.

Stephen Field, son of Nathan and Elizabeth of Rye, married Jerusha Field, daughter of Robert and Abigail of Greenwich, 15 Oct 1760 at Mamaroneck.

James Horton, son of Jonathan and Abigail (deceased) of Mamaroneck, married Sarah Hunt, daughter of Caleb (deceased) and Sarah of Westchester, 23 Oct 1760 at Mamaroneck.

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