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St. Rose Catholic Church Baptisms 1830-1886

St. Rose Catholic Church Baptisms 1830-1886

Washington County, Kentucky

My newest CD – the baptisms of St. Rose Catholic Church, from 1830-1886 – is finished!  There are 4,820 baptismal records which includes the date of the child’s baptism and names of parents.  Most records include the date of birth, and the earlier records include the name of the sponsor.  This is an Excel spreadsheet and can be sorted in any fashion – by name, year, etc.  Using the find tab on Excel you can search for any name or word included in the spreadsheet.  For example you could search for ‘Mary Smith’ or ‘Perryville’.

The list also includes adults that were baptized during this time period.  After the battle of Perryville, in October of 1862, there are several soldiers that the priests visited and baptized.  Included are baptisms from families that lived in Shakertown, Harrodsburg, Stanford and Crab Orchard, but brought their children to St. Rose for baptism.

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  1. Is there a record of baptisms at St. Rose prior to 1830? I, looking for a baptism record for 1820-1822

  2. I too ma in search of a couple of baptisms at St. Rose in the mid to late 20s. Please let us know if you know how to access these or if they exist. Thank you. Your work has really helped me to figure out my Jane lineage. I’m specifically looking for birth/christening records for Martha Jane Janes and James L G Janes, born ~ 1825 and 1827 respectively. I know that John Janes and Henrietta Gibbs are Jame’s parents and I’m wondering if they re Martha’s as well.

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