Burials, St. Thomas Church, Nelson County, Kentucky

Burials, St. Thomas Church, Nelson County, Kentucky

(These are burial dates, not death dates.)


  • February 16th –  Laura Gilkey, wife of Richard Ballard, about 28 years old
  • April 8th – Jemima Mattingly, daughter of James Mattingly and Laura Hagan, about 5 months old
  • April 22nd – John Speak, 66 years old
  • May 17th – George, son of Richard and Matilda Rapier, 3 years old


  • March 12th – Fielder Wilson, son of Turner Wilson and Mary Burch, about 25 years old
  • July 23rd – David H. Gilkey, son of John and Sarah Gilkey, about 12 years old
  • July 27th – George Avis, son of Basil Avis and Matilda Hagan, about 5 years old
  • July 27th – John R. Ballard, son of Richard Proctor and Laura Ann Ballard, about 9 years old


  • March 10th – Nancy, wife of Hardin Crow, about 21 years old, buried in grave yard of Mr. Walton Smith
  • May 18th – Abel Hagan, about 50 years old
  • June 1st – Milly Abell, about 55 years old
  • October 6th – Marcelline Metcalf, daughter of Charles and Frances Loomis Metcalf, 16 years old


  • September 5th – William Joseph Boone, son of Joseph and Lucretia Boone, 8 days old
  • September 7th – Julia Ellen Leeman, daughter of Bridget Leeman, about 17 years old
  • October 10th – Margaret E., daughter of William and Elizabeth Rapier, about 3 years old
  • October 24th – Jane Hill, daughter of William and Mary Hill, about 18 years old
  • November 7th – Mrs. Maria Wimsatt Barnes, wife of Thomas Barnes, about 46 years old
  • November 18th – Henry Avis, son of Basil Avis and Matilda Hagan, 19 years old
  • November 22nd – Patrick Welsh, 53 years old
  • December 21st – Mr. James Tewell, about 78 years old


  • March 5th – Ignatius Wheeler, about 20 years old


  • March 20th – Johnnie Lally, an orphan boy, 6 years old
  • May 24th – John Payne, 70 years old


  • April 17th – Baxter, an orphan boy of St. Thomas Institution, about 19 years old
  • December 24th – Ann Catherin Miles, daughter of Edward Miles and Ann Eliza Reid, 3 months old


  • July 26th – Charles Rapier, about 70 years old
  • August 25th – John Avis, about 25 years old


  • May 18th – Ann, infant daughter of Valentine Holtshouser and Letitia Mahoney
  • May 21st – Martin John Wheeler, infant son of John F. Wheeler and Christina Hagan


  • January 18th – Margaret Ellen Hill Tewell, wife of Martin Tewell, age about 20 years
  • January 20th – Stephen Brian, son of Francis Brian and Susan Edelen, died January 19th, age 11 months
  • February 27th – Lawrence Englert of Lanesville, Indiana, a student of St. Thomas, who died at St. Thomas of inflammation of the bowels
  • March 4th – Francis Felix, student of St. Thomas, a native of Cincinnati, who died at St. Thomas of piles terminating in ulceration of the bowels
  • April 27th – Sally Cambron, a daughter of Stephen Cambron, about 3 weeks old
  • May 29th – Amy Rapier, wife of William Rapier, age about 83 years
  • June 8th – A son of John and Kate Mattingly, born May 26th
  • July 1st – Harriet Eliza Rapier, daughter of William J. Rapier and Elizabeth Ball, age 6 months

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  1. I am trying to inquire about the immaculate conception catholic church in Earlington ky .be hind the church was a house were the nuns lived.across the street was a house were my parents lived. There have been tombstones unmarked found and 3 ft pink glaze concrete flower vases was this a catholic cemetery or do you know what cementery it was.i would appreciate any information.thanks.

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