Family Stories

Baptisms of St. Thomas Church in Nelson County, Kentucky

St. Thomas Church, Nelson County, Kentucky

January 20, 1826 – I baptized Thomas, son of Ignatius Greenwell and Mary Rapier, his wife, born January 6 of said year.  Godmother:  Ann Rapier.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

April 3, 1826 – I baptized James Henry, son of Robert Hagan, Jr., and Christina Dyer, his wife, born March 31 of said year.  Godmother:  Louisa Hagan.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

April 6, 1826 – I baptized Aloysius, son of Thomas Peak and Louisa, his wife, born February 20 of said year.  Godmother:  Catherine Brian.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

May 1, 1826 – I baptized Michael, son of Michael Byrne and Mary Lucas, his wife, born April 2 of said year.  Godmother:  Harriet Byrne.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

May 2, 1826 – I baptized Ann, daughter of Joseph Johnston and Nancy Stevens, his wife, born March 29 of said year.  Godmother:  Catherine Peak.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

June 1, 1826 – I baptized William Prosper, son of William Buckman and Ann Vowels, his wife, born March 9 of said year.  Godmother:  Mary Byrne.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

July 6, 1826 – I baptized John, son of Ignatius Dawson and Elizabeth Ice, his wife, born December 24, 1825.  Godmother:  Ann Ice.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

July 6, 1826 – I baptized George, son of Joseph Ice and Mary Dawson, his wife, born May 5 of said year.  Godmother:  Eleanor Smith.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

July 25, 1826 – I baptized Mary Eleanor, an adult, daughter of Alexander Hunter and Frances, his wife, born September 20, 1806.  Godmother:  Anne Bean.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

July 25, 1826 – I baptized Frances Jane, daughter of Thomas Mattingly and Minnie Hunter, his wife, born January 8 of said year.  Godmother:  Lucretia Stewart.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

September 23, 1826 – I baptized Mary, daughter of Francis Thornberry and Caroline Abell, his wife, born August 26 of said year.  Godmother:  Emilia Abell.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

October 26, 1826 – I baptized three children of Archibald Toole and Elizabeth Morgan, his wife, namely, Mary Jane, born October 4, 1822.  Godmother:  Ann Ice.  Margaret Eleanor, born October 18, 24.  Godmother:  Mary Byrne.  Dennis, born October 24, 1826.  Godmother:  Ellen Smith.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

December 19, 1826 – I baptized Julia Ann, daughter of Ignatius Metcalf and Eliza Vowels, his wife, born October 28 of said year.  Godmother:  Emily Abell.  Signed:  Edward McMahon

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