Family Stories

Notice: Commissioner’s Sale

I found this tidbit from an old Springfield newspaper interesting since most of the names are in my databases.  Edgar Linton is a brother to Frances Barber Linton Montgomery and Alice Linton; they are all children of Edward Linton and Catherine Elizabeth Taylor.  Mrs. Etta Clarkson was Etta Clark Taylor before marriage, niece of the above mentioned Catherine Taylor.  Ben Taylor is an uncle of Catherine Taylor (her mother being Susan Clark Edwards).  I knew they all lived in this area, but it is nice to see that in print.  Minnie Clarkson is the only person I can’t positively identify.  It sounds as if she is single, otherwise she would be stylized as ‘Mrs.” as is Etta Clarkson.  Minnie is a nickname for a variety of names – Minerva, Mary, Marie, etc.  The most logical choice is Martha Evelyn Clarkson, daughter of Etta Clarkson.  The husband and father of this family, Edwin Barbour Clarkson, died the year before, February 14, 1909, and perhaps there was a dispute over the inheritance.  On November 27, 1912, Martha Evelyn Clarkson married Samuel Donatus Mudd, most likely the Sam Mudd listed as owning land that bounded the 30 1/2 acres that were for sale.

from  The News Leader, Springfield, Kentucky

Thursday, December 8, 1910

Commissioner’s Sale

Washington Circuit Court, Kentucky

Mrs. Etta Clarkson, etc., Plaintiff vs. Minnie Clarkson, etc. Defendant

By virtue of a Judgement and order of sale of the Washington Circuit Court tendered at the special November term, 1910, in the above styled case, I shall proceed to offer for sale at the Court House door in Springfield, Kentucky, on Monday, December 26, 1910, at 2 o’clock p.m. or thereabout, to the highest bidder at public auction upon a credit of 6 and 12 months the following described property to wit:

A tract of land lying and being in Washington County, Kentucky, on the Springfield and Walton Lick turnpike, about 3 miles North of Springfield, Kentucky, and bounded by the lands of Ben Edwards, Edgar Linton, R. S. Mudd and Sam Mudd, containing 30 1/2 acres, more or less.  This tract of land has no improvements but its location on the pike near Springfield an very near a public school house makes it a desirable place to make a home of.  This land is all in bluegrass.

For the purchase price the purchaser or purchasers, with approved security or sureties must execute bond bearing legal interest from date of sale until paid and having the force and effect of a Judgement.  Bidders will be prepared to comply promptly with these terms.

C. F. BOSLEY, M. C. W. C. C.

Any thoughts?

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