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? Happened June 30th ?

From a few years ago . . .

Today is my birthday.  I’ve always felt a little strange that no one else that I know shares my birth date.  There are no cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles – in my entire Family Tree Maker database there is no direct or close ancestor or family member that was born June 30th.  In my database of 11,740 there are only 5 born on this date – four are distant cousins, twice removed and I have no relation to Mary Ann Baker.

  • Ellen Augusta Carrico – 1838
  • Ann Rachel Linton – 1846
  • Mary Ann Baker – 1884
  • Mittie E. Moran – 1885
  • John Carl Linton – 1889

 So I thought I would check some of my other databases – Excel spreadsheets I have made over the years.  From my gravestone charts I found the following people born on June 20th:

  • Paul Louis Elder – 1846
  • Frances Mary Lancaster – 1853
  • George K. Smith – 1869
  • Mary Ethel Mattingly – 1893
  • Joseph Sidney Donohoo – 1857
  • Joseph Marvin Myers – 1968

Even this didn’t produce many finds.  The next choice was to visit the internet – and there I found a list of famous people born on the 30th.  First on the list was Mike Tyson – I’m sorry, but I cannot be happy sharing a birthday with him!  However, I did find that Lena Horne was born June 30, 1917.  Things were looking up!  But there were no more I knew on the list of 50 or so people – and they are supposed to be famous?

My daughter was born April 15th – now there is an exciting day in history – although none of us are too excited about paying our taxes on that date!  April 15, 1912, the steamship Titanic sunk.  More than 1,500 people lost their lives.  President Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford’s Theatre on April 14th, and died early on April 15th, 1865, throwing our nation into overwhelming mourning.  Kate shares her birthday with an uncle, along with several others in the database.

My son was born February 7th.  He shares a birthday with Charles Dickens!  And Eubie Blake, an American composer and pianist, who died five days after his 100th birthday in 1983!  Linton also shares his birthday with quite a few others in the database.

I suppose I will have to make June 30th my day – as we all should on our birthdays.  Make it a day to be proud and happy to be alive – and to do that which makes us happy!  Genealogy makes me very happy – so in some ways I share this day – and every other with all of you!  Happy researching!

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  1. Phyllis…my oldest son Scott shares his birthday with your son. He was born 2/7/1981

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