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Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History

Perhaps this building is familiar to some of you – especially those genealogists out there who frequent Frankfort, Kentucky.  Yes, this is the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History – it is also the home of the Kentucky Historical Society.  This is one of my favorite places!  I’ve spent many days here, being at the door when they open at 8:00, slipping away around noon for lunch at the tea room, then back to work until closing!  Years ago the Kentucky Historical Society library was in the building next to the old capitol, on the third floor!  I started going there for research about 30 years ago!

This is the view just as you walk in the door – the grand staircase that leads you to the library on the second floor – where information is just waiting to be found!  On the floor is a map of Kentucky; school children that visit love to find where they live!  To your left is a permanent exhibits gallery that focuses on Kentucky history from the very beginning to the present day, ‘A Kentucky Journey’.  There are also changing exhibits in the Keeneland Gallery.  At the back of the staircase on the first floor is the hall of Kentucky governors – paintings from our first, Isaac Shelby, to our present, Steve Beshear.

At the top of the staircase you can see my favorite table – the one beside the window.  It must be everyone’s favorite!  You have a lovely view of the lower floor and staircase.  Not that my mind strays that much from genealogy research, but if I must sit and ponder on something a moment it gives me a good view!

And through these doors is where the true treasure lies – in various forms – microfilm, microfiche, books, photos, files, etc.

To your left are the microfilm/microfiche rooms.  There are many of these sliding doors that hold row upon row of microfilm – census records, marriage records, wills, birth certificates, death certificates, newspapers – and many more.  Ritchey is my model – we had been to a workshop on blogging and were all given sparkly beads to wear!

To your left are large tables and comfortable chairs – plenty of room for research.  The light is good and there are electric plugs on the tables for your computer.

In another large room are the stacks – row upon row of books.  One section is divided into Kentucky counties, there is one section for Virginia counties.

There are biographies, family books, books on various states.  There are books on Maryland counties.  Other states are represented, but perhaps with fewer sections.  There are books on general genealogy and research.

If you have any relatives with Kentucky connections I believe you would find something here.  I encourage you to visit the Kentucky History Center at 100 West Broadway in Frankfort.  Even if you are not interested in researching your family, you will find many interesting exhibits and historical items that will provide a fun afternoon!  Perhaps I will see you there sometimes – we’ll compare our research!

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  1. Oh my…I could spend years in here without leaving! I’ve just found your Facebook and blog and i’m drooling! I’ve got heavy duty Kentucky roots. I noticed you mentioned Jolly’s…one of my Great Grandmother’s sisters married a Jolly! I will be creeping regularly on here! Great site!

  2. Wow! What a great post and blog! Thank you so much for the post about your KHS Library experiences! I’m also very glad someone enjoyed the fun beads from the workshop! I will keep your blog bookmarked as another Kentucky blog to hopefully add to a list we have all talked about, either through KGS or KHS. Thanks for coming!

    • Thank you! I love to blog! Ritchey and I enjoyed the workshop so much! I learned several things and have already incorporated them into my blogging – especially the scheduling! I always tried to be up around 6:00 a.m. to send out my blog! We didn’t know about Second Saturday, but plan to attend when we can. We also want to become members of the Kentucky Genealogical Society. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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