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Beriah Magoffin Letter – 1813

This letter was one of my finds at the Kentucky History Center in Frankfort on Thursday.  Beriah Magoffin, Sr., is buried in Harrodsburg’s Spring Hill Cemetery.  He was born February 15, 1773, in County Down, Ireland, and died March 11, 1843, in Harrodsburg.  His son, Beriah, was Kentucky’s 21st governor, serving from 1859-1862, during the first part of the Civil War.  Beriah, Sr.’s, wife was Jane “Jennie” McAfee, the daughter of Samuel McAfee and Hannah McCormick.  Our local DAR chapter is named for her mother, Jane McMichael McAfee.   The letter is addressed to Mr. Samuel McAfee, Greentown.  This is most likely his wife’s brother.

Harrodsburg, 30th July 1813

Mr. S. McAfee

Sir, I received yours from Mr. Anderson and also one this day per post which informs us that William is on the mend.  We are very glad to hear it.  I have sent the brown tartan and the flannel shirt per the post rider.  R. B. McAfee is at home and I believe generally all the mounted men.  Their orders is to be at Vincennes 20th next month.  Ezekiel and John and Robert McCarney has opened a store in this place, but not on a very extensive day.  Your brother Robert appears to be as usual.  Tom has been there three or four days helping them up with their hay.  We are all well.

With deep respect I remain,       B. Magoffin

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