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Act of Naturalization for Peter Montgomery

The following was found on the Archives of Maryland Online – a wonderful source for colonial records!  Peter Montgomery was my 5th great-grandfather, born in France in 1682, died in Charles County, Maryland, 1754.  His second wife was Margaret Hagan.  His son, Charles Montgomery, who married Mary Ann Elder, daughter of Charles Elder and Julia Ward, moved his family to Washington County, Kentucky, about 1795.

Family lore has it that Peter and his twin brother, Paul, sailed from France to Maryland, with their older sons.  After finding land and starting their settlement, Paul returned to France to bring their wives and younger children to their new home, while Peter remained in Maryland.  On the journey back to Maryland the ship was lost in a violent storm and all aboard perished.

Acts of the General Assembly hitherto unpublished 1694-1698, 1711-1729

Volume 38, pages 415-416

An Act for the Naturalization of Peter Montgomery of Charles County, Planter, and his Children

Be it enacted by the Right Honorable, the Lord Proprietary, by and with the advice and consent of his Lordship’s Governor and the Upper and Lower House of Assembly and Authority of the same, that Peter Montgomery of Charles County, a native of France, and his children already born, viz. Francis and John Baptista Montgomery, and every of them shall from hence forth be adjudged, reputed and taken as natural born people of this Province of Maryland and that they and every of them, by the authority afforded be enabled and adjudged to all intents and purposes to demand, challenge, ask, have, hold and enjoy any land, tenements, rents and hereditaments to which they might in any wise be entitled as if they were free and natural born subjects and liege people, and also that they and every of them shall and may be enabled to maintain, prosecute, avow, justify and defend all manner of actions, suits, pleas, plaints and other demands whatsoever as liberally, frankly, freely, fully and securely as if they and every of them had been natural born people and subjects of his most Sacred Majesty, King George the Second, any law, statute, useage or custom to the contrary in any wise nothwithstanding.

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  1. I am researching Francis Montgomery, Sr. Born Sept. 15, 1751 in Scottsville, Albermarle, Co., VA. Family history indicates Scotch-Irish ancestors. Is there any connection to Peter Montgomery?

  2. I think John Baptista Montgomery is my husband 6g grandfather. I am wondering how much information you have about that branch to help me verify what I have found. Also wondering if you have been able to verify any of the other information you had on the father Peter Montgomery? My husbands branch moved into Indiana, and they married into Spaulding family. I have been following your blog for a while and enjoy them.

  3. I am a direct descendant of Peter and was quite surprised to hear that he had a twin brother. Were John Baptiste and Francis both Peter’s sons? What happened to Paul’s children?

Any thoughts?

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