Family Stories

Judge Paul Jones Booker

from The News-Leader, Washington County, Kentucky

June 11, 1896

Judge Paul Jones Booker

Son of Samuel Booker, a revolutionary soldier, was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia, August 20, 1787.  He was educated first at Baxter Log College, then at Hampden-Sidney College, where he was a classmate of two of Patrick Henry’s sons, two of the Crittendens, and Caleb Breckinridge.  He took his law course under Judge Coulton of Staunton, Virginia.

Judge Booker came to Kentucky at the age of twenty-one, and began the practice of law at Springfield.  When quite young he was elected to the Kentucky Legislature, and was appointed to the Circuit Judgeship of this district when barely old enough to hold the position.  His judicial district extended from Springfield by way of Bardstown, Greensburg and Elizabethtown to the Ohio River.

The Buckners, Wickliffes, Rowans, Hardins, Chapeys, Carpenters, Hayes and Joseph Holt were all practitioners in his court.

Judge Booker resigned his position as judge and retired to a large farm four miles east of Springfield, and led a quiet, private life the balance of his days.  He was an Elder in the Presbyterian church, and was esteemed as one of the most cultural and courteous gentlemen and one of the finest conversationalists in the State.

He was in Samuel Hopkins’ campaign in the West in the War of 1812, as Lieutenant of Captain Kidd’s company.

He died near Springfield May 16, 1873.

Paul Jones Booker, Sr., married Letitia Reed on July 10, 1828, in Washington County, Kentucky.  This was a second marriage.  With his first wife, whose name I do not know, he had at least one daughter, Ann Rachel, who was born February 24, 1818.  Paul and Letitia had 6 children:  William M., Eliza, Maria Louisa, Margaret R., Emily and Paul Jones Booker, Jr.

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