Family Stories

The Bridal Chorus . . .

Here come the brides!  Ritchey and I had this past Thursday and Friday off – and went to Indianapolis to visit our son – Linton!  How many of you know for whom he is named?  Captain John Linton, of course!  I have raised my son well, the first thing he said after brunch at Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles (which was wonderful!) was, “Mom, do you want to visit a cemetery?”  We went to Crown Hill  Funeral Home and Cemetery.  But that will be another post for another day!  Let me just say that I took 130 photos!

Friday evening Ritchey and I drove on to Cincinnati and spent the night.  Saturday we visited the antique mall on Dixie Highway and I found many treasures – not the least this set of five lovely wedding photos.

This isn’t a set in the sense that any of these people are related – there are no names or dates on the back of the photos.  The dealer just sold them as a lot.

Since I have played for many weddings over the years – including a double wedding as in the first photo – these photos are interesting for many reasons.  I was always excited to see the bride as she started down the aisle.  How beautiful was she in her dress?  What flowers were used in her bouquet?  Was she excited?  How did the groom act as his bride came closer and closer?  I feel privileged to have been a part of so many happy occasions!

All the brides for whom I supplied the music were modern, not like the ones in these photos, but all brides are uniquely beautiful.  It is sad that these photos were not kept and cherished.  I would love to find descendants of these happy couples, but if I do not, I will keep them and appreciate them myself – and share them with you!

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  1. Phyllis, thanks for sharing, these are wonderful pictures, The couples are so well dressed, the brides dresses are beautiful as well as their flowers. It would be wonderful to put a name with them.

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