Today In Genealogy History – February 6

Elizabeth Warner Lewis died 294 years ago – February 6, 1719 – in Gloucester County, Virginia.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Colonel Augustine Warner and Mildred Reade.  She married Councilor John Lewis, Jr., about 1690.  They had 9 children:  John III, Charles, Robert, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary, Elizabeth, Isabella and Anne Lewis.  Elizabeth Warner Lewis is buried in the family cemetery at Warner Hall in Gloucester.

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  1. She was the Great Grandmother of Capt. Meriwether Lewis (Lewis & Clark fame)

    Elizabeth Warner:
    “Here Lyeth Interr’d ye Body
    of Elizabeth Lewis the
    Daughter of Col Augustine
    Warner and Mildred his
    Wife and late wife of John
    Lewis Esq She was Born at
    Chesake the 24th of November,
    1672 Aged 47 years 2 Months
    and 12 Days, and was a Tender
    Mother of 14 children She
    Departed this Life the 5th
    Day of February 1719/20”

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