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Lost and Found Photos


Here are more of what I like to call my lost and found photos!  A friend called them that once, which I found very apt.  They were lost until I found them.  And hopefully through sharing them with you, perhaps we can find out more about them!  The first is a very dapper young gentleman.  I was immediately drawn to this photo due to his clean-cut look – and his suit, which is a bit out of the ordinary.  Unfortunately we do not know this gentleman’s name, but the photo was taken by A. Robbins at 205 Ohio Street, Allegheny, Pennsylvania – a cabinet card from 1870 to the 1890’s.


This next gentleman is very arresting because of his dreamy look and unusual beard – no mustache!  I’m also quite fond of his vest.  This is a CDV or carte de visite photo – taken between the start of the Civil War and 1870 – by W. Sawtell in Wellington, Ohio.  Perhaps he lost a loved one during the war and there is nothing more to smile about.


Another young gentleman with quite the eye for fashion!  He must have been a student when this photo was taken – it has ‘Lane – 07’ written on the front.  There is no other information on the photo.  He could have been studying law – or medicine – or something entirely different!


And I have saved – what I think! – is the best for last!  I love this photo!  Look at the crinkles around his eyes, his beautiful hair and beard – with mustache!  And those piercing eyes!  How I would love to know this man’s name – to know the man himself!  Some pictures speak to you – and this one does to me!  The photo was taken by Henry Frey in Scranton, Pennsylvania – a cabinet card.

Do you recognize any of these men?

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  1. I love the pictures you found.I too think the last one is the best one. I do have a piece of information for you. I have read articles about why people back in the day did not smile in their pictures.Apparently is was not an appropriate thing to do.I used to think people were told not to by the photographer, but I have been informed it was not considered to be appropriate. IT is a shame as many pictures of ladies would look so much nicer with a smile.So glad times have changed. Another aspect may also have been, people did not take care of their teeth was back then as they do now.

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