Family Stories

Married December 9, 1903


This is a lovely wedding photo!  Notice the fingerless gloves the bride is wearing.  She has a beautiful dress and veil.  Her groom looks to be in a military uniform.  I am not very familiar with the different branches of service – does anyone know what type uniform this is?

On the back is written – To Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lytle From Sam and Ada – married December 9th, 1903.  Oh, to have the last name!  Also, in very faintly stamped print it says ‘Inez G. Fitzgerald Photo, Gilroy, California.’  Very few hints to find anything on Ancestry – but I did try.

Before I noticed the stamped name I put in first names Sam and Ada and the marriage date.  One couple came up – Sam Northrop and Ada Watmuff – but they were from York, England.  I did find a Harry Lytle that lived in California, with a wife named Mary, but that’s about it.

Another interesting fact – Inez G. Fitzgerald was one of the few women in the world of photography during the late 1890’s early 1900’s time period!

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