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Mother’s Day Salute!

Frances Barber Linton, Robert E. Lee Montgomery
Mary Alice, Laura Frances, Anna Margaret

Mother’s Day Salute!

It seems only fitting that on this Mother’s Day I mention my mother, my grandmothers, and all my great-grandmothers – and my daughter!  Just think of all that is passed down through the years from mother to daughter – cooking, baking, love of reading, music, love of family, integrity, strength, graciousness, thoughts on how to be strong woman – so many things that make us the individuals we are today!  Here’s to mother’s everywhere!

Elizabeth Hancock, born c. 1694, in Virginia, who married William Berkeley, 1723, and died in 1772, was the mother of Elizabeth Berkeley.

Elizabeth Berkeley, born c. 1740, in Virginia, who married Benjamin Mason in Loudoun County, Virginia, was the mother of Ann Nancy Mason.

Ann Nancy Mason, born c. 1752, in Loudoun County, Virginia, who married Captain John Hancock Linton c. 1772, and died November 14, 1832, in Washington County, Kentucky, was the mother of Nancy Linton.

Nancy Linton Edwards

Nancy Linton, born c. 1778 in Loudoun County, Virginia, who married Edward Barber Edwards and died in 1861 in Washington County, Kentucky, was the mother of Susan Clark Edwards.

Susan Clark Edwards, born in 1797 in Loudoun County, Virginia, who married John Cotton Taylor November 25, 1828, in Washington County, Kentucky, and died  December 2, 1836, was the mother of Catherine Elizabeth Taylor.

Catherine Elizabeth Taylor Linton, Aunt Mary Jane, Aunt Sarah

Catherine Elizabeth Taylor, born January 13, 1830, in Washington County, Kentucky, who married Edward Edwards Linton March 23, 1852, and died May 28, 1910, was the mother of Frances Barber Linton.

Frances Barber Linton Montgomery

Frances Barber Linton, born August 13, 1867, in Washington County, Kentucky, who married Robert E. Lee Montgomery February 7, 1893, and died August 2, 1945, was the mother of Mary Alice Montgomery.

Mary Alice Montgomery Carrico

Mary Alice Montgomery, born December 8, 1893, in Washington County, Kentucky, who married Joseph Reuben Carrico November 24, 1920, and died February 25, 1986, was the mother of Catherine Lyons Carrico.

Donna, Catherine Lyons Carrico Hill, Phyllis

Catherine Lyons Carrico, born April 5, 1931, in Washington County, Kentucky, who married James Philip Hill April 7, 1956, is the mother of Phyllis Ann Hill.

Phyllis Ann Hill Brown

Phyllis Ann Hill, born in Kentucky and married to Ritchey Edwin Brown, is the mother of Catherine Verena “Kate” Brown.

Catherine Verena “Kate” Brown

Kate will be the next in line to carry on the tradition of motherhood and taking care of a family and those she loves.  She will do a fantastic job – of that I have no doubt!

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  1. I loved reading this Blog! Not only because Nancy Linton is my second cousin 6x removed (Somehow that makes us related…. I think.), but also because I can relate to it so easily. Do you have your old photos available for sale on CD? If so, I’d be interested in purchasing a copy.
    Keep writing. I’ll keep reading.
    Brenda Norris Pidgeon

  2. this is totally awesome, my grandfather was a son of john kennedy linton. the house that john k purchased back in 1891, is still around today, which i personaly live in to this day. im the 4th gen to live her. i started this journey , trying to figure out why this house can not be sold, and boy this has been one ride im glad i took, the history of this house and what i have found out, some times i can just imagine how it was, back in that time, iv have found where john k and jane are buried, which is about 5 blocks from this house, in st. johns cemetary, in louisville ,ky. my grand father was Charles E. and married Hazel Patton and they had 8 children. Again all i can say is Wow, thank you for all your time and effort in putting all this together, i rekon i can call u cuz also

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