Family Stories

Forsythe Bible Records

Forsythe Bible Records

Mercer County, Kentucky

  • Matthew Forsythe of South Carolina was born March 10th 1769.
  • Jane McAfee Forsythe, daughter of Robert and Anne McCoun McAfee, was born July 26th, 1769.
  • Robert Forsythe was born February 22nd, 1793, and married Cuzzie (Keziah) Cardwell, February 21, 1823.
  • Andrew Forsythe was born December 24th, 1795, married Narcissa McAfee.
  • John Forsythe was born March 10th, 1798, married Isabella Berry, and died 1870.
  • Annie Forsythe was born January 27th, 1800.
  • Rev. William H. Forsythe was born April 14th, 1802, married Louisa Moore and died 1870.
  • Samuel Forsythe was born September 25th, 1804.
  • Sally Forsythe was born January 15th, 1807.
  • James McAfee Forsythe was born January 18th, 1809, married 1834 to Eliza M. Washburn, married second Mary Irvine and third, in March 1871, to Miss Buchanan.
  • Julia Franklin Forsythe was born June 23rd, 1811, married Willis Burford, of Missouri.
  • Matthew Forsythe, died August 7, 1846, Mercer County, Kentucky.
  • Jane Forsythe, died February 17th, 1839, Mercer County, Kentucky.
  • Robert Forsythe died September 24th, 1865, Mercer County, Kentucky.

1860 Census – Mercer County, Kentucky

  • Robert Forsythe   66
  • Keziah   55
  • Louisa   21
  • Elizabeth   18
  • Robert   16
  • John   14

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  1. I am the great-great granddaughter of James Forsythe (b. abt. 1819) married to Emmaline Richardson. Having trouble getting any information on history beyond that fact. Any help would be appreciated. They lived in Rockcastle, one point in time. Thank you.

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