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Bentley Family Bible Records

Through my research I found that James C. Bentley and Jane Sweeney were married June 9, 1826, in Washington County, Kentucky.  In the 1850 census of Boone County, Missouri, the following are listed:  James C., 50; Jane, 47; Jefferson, 24; Harvey, 21; Richard, 15; Mary J., 14; Martha A., 11; John, 9; and Thomas, 6.  Since the census shows Thomas living in 1850, the entry that he died in 1845 is incorrect.  James C. and son Jefferson are listed as carpenters.  The parents and two oldest sons were born in Kentucky.  Richard, Mary Jane and Martha were born in Illinois; John and Thomas were born in Missouri.  There is also a William Robb, 26, living with the family in 1850. 

This was definitely a pioneering family.  James’ father or grandfather supposedly was in the in Revolutionary War and came to Kentucky with Daniel Boone.  We all know how those stories sometimes have more fiction than fact, but it was something handed down through the generations and probably has at least a grain of truth in it.  We do know the family moved on from Washington County to Illinois to Boone County, Missouri; and the mother and son Jefferson to Modesta, California, where they died.

Bentley Family Bible Records

  • James C. Bentley, our father, was born November 10, 1803
  • Jane Bentley, our mother, was born March 30, 1803
  • Jefferson D. Bentley, first son, born May 30, 1827
  • Nancy Bentley, first daughter, born July 20, 1828
  • Harvey S. Bentley born May 1, 1830
  • George W. Bentley born January 11, 1832
  • Elizabeth J. Bentley born December 5, 1833
  • Richard H. Bentley born born March 5, 1835
  • Mary J. Bentley born October 7, 1837
  • Martha A. Bentley born March 8, 1839
  • John M. Bentley born March 9, 1841
  • Thomas M. Bentley born April 27, 1843 – died 1845
  • Martha A. Lawrence died 1876
  • J. C. Bentley, our father, died 1859
  • Jane Bentley, our mother, died December 25, 1887
  • Nancy Dona, our sister, died July 30, 1908
  • Richard Bentley, our brother, died 1923
  • George W. Bentley died September 22, 1920
  • James C., father, and Jane Sweeney, mother, also Jefferson Daniel Bentley, all born near Springfield, Kentucky
  • James C. Bentley, father, died in Webster County, Missouri, 1859
  • Jane Sweeney Bentley died in Modesta, California, December 25, 1887
  • Jefferson D. Bentley died in Modesta, California, March 1, 1922

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