My Mother – Catherine Lyons Carrico Hill McIlvoy

Donna, Catherine Lyons Carrico Hill, Phyllis

Donna, Catherine Lyons Carrico Hill, Phyllis

Dear Readers,

My mother fell twice last week – which necessitated visiting emergency rooms and hospitals both times.  Tomorrow we move mom to our home.  She is very frail at this time.  Blogs will begin later next week, or when life begins to settle down, but at this time mom is most important – I know you understand!  Until then, continue with your research!

Phyllis Brown, Kentucky Kindred Genealogy

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  1. Prayers and healing for your mom! Thinking of you all! Your cousin on the Carrico side, Sherry Vize dau of Mary (retha) Smith Vize

  2. Hope she dos okay, I did the same thing with my mom, kept her for 2 1/2 years till she passed way. It was harder on her than me, being away from her home.

  3. I was so afraid that something had happened. I am so sorry, glad that your mom gets to come to your house to recoup!!! It really is no fun where you are with all of this. I will keep you all in my prayers and call in the morning and place your family on the prayer roll. Take care. Long lost cousin Joy

  4. Good morning Phyllis,
    My prayers are with you, and will continue for your Mom. May she be feeling better each day. So sorry to hear that you has fallen, and so glad that she is home with you. Right now she is far most important. Cousin Dottie Porter Himes

  5. Praying for you Mom hoping she gets her health restored. God bless you for all the research you are doing for all of us KY Kinfolk. Mary Browning Nelson, daughter of Robert Lee Browning of St. Marys, KY ; granddaughter of Sarah Frances “Fanny” Miles Browning and Wm. Fletcher Browning.

  6. Wow you look like your mom! God Bless take care of her , and yourself! (as we tend to forget sometimes taking care of everyone else) Wishing her well! Of coarse we understand.

    Thanks for the blogs and the old pictures!

    Tina Torres

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