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Forest View News From The News-Leader

The chatty information contained in the local newspaper gave information about the events in the regional areas of the county.  This piece is from the Forest View area.  Other columns on the same page of are from Canary, Cartwrights Creek, Hillsboro, Mooresville, Pulliam, Willisburg, McIntire, Valley Hill, Tatham Springs and Fenwick.  I enjoy these tidbits from the past.  They give us a glimpse of small-town life in the early days of the 20th century.

The News-Leader, Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky

Thursday, January 21, 1904

Forest View

As Lilac of Hillsboro wishes to know what has become of us, we are glad to inform him that we are as yet (like old Brudder Turtle) able to scratch gravel and when we come across as well laden table as Cousin Wat’s we are sure to make it known that we are able to eat.  Hillsboro is a very dear spot to us as we once attended school at that place and one of our favorite places to attend church.  It was there that we played with Dick Mitchell, Bill Mitchell, John Short, Dr. Will Leachman, Top Redding, J. E. Redding and the Hon. Mit Leachman and many others who now rest beneath the fragrant shades at Pleasant Grove and Hillsboro.  We are always delighted to read the letters from all the other correspondents as we are well acquainted all over the county.

Mr. Thomas West has had a very sick child with pneumonia, but is able to toddle again.

Miss Lizzie Smith died at her father’s residence last Sunday night and after usual services of the Catholic Church at St. Rose her remains were interred in the beautiful cemetery at that place last Tuesday.

The Wheatley brothers entertained quite a crowd of young people last Thursday night.

Hubert Mattingly and young Mr. Phillips were over from St. Mary’s school last Sunday night.

Mr. John Medley was in Louisville several days recently.

Will Wheatley, who has been visiting his mother and brothers, has returned to his home at Kansas City, Missouri.

Thomas Medley, Fonzy Medley and Charles McLaid spent the day with us Sunday, which afforded us a great deal of pleasure.

Last Monday Richard Blackford and Arthur Corbett started for Kansas City to make their future home.

As Mr. Anderson Carrico was returning home from Springfield last Friday evening, at the ford of Cartwright Creek he got out to unrein his horse so he could drink.  Mr. Oscar Auberry came up and his buggy collided with Mr. Carrico’s.  Carrico’s horse became unmanageable and ran off, completely demolishing his buggy.  Had Mr. Carrico been in the buggy at the time he would have been killed.  And after Mr. Auberry went on his horse became tangled in his harness by some means and he had to cut them to pieces to release him.

On last Monday we received a letter from Springfield containing a nice piece of money wrapped in a piece of wad paper and not one word to tell us who it was from or what to do with it.  We would be glad, however, if the sender would let us know something about it.

We are sorry to learn at this writing that our friend and neighbor, Dr. J. H. Walker, is so ill.

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  1. The Fonzy Medley noted in the News Herald was my grandfather ; he died in 1961. I like seeing old things like this. Thanks for your efforts

  2. The Fonzy Medley noted in the News Herald was my grandfather ; he died in 1961. I like seeing old things like this. Thanks for your efforts. I believe the Chas. McLaid would have been Chas.(Charley McClain)

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