Family Stories

Joshua Barbee Pension Application

Joshua Barbee, State of Kentucky, Mercer County

S 12952 Virginia

On August 6, 1832, Joshua Barbee personally appeared in open court, resident of said county, aged 71, stated that “in the later part of the year 1776, or beginning of the year 1777, he enlisted in Culpeper County, Virginia, being then in my 16th year, under Captain John Gillison in the 10th Virginia Regiment commanded by colonel Edward Stephens, for three years.  The regiment had joined Washington’s Army at Middlebrook, New Jersey, in the following spring, I being with it.”  He continued with the army during the three years for which he enlisted, during this service while the army lay at Valley Forge.

He was appointed a Corporal and during the summer following, as well as he now recollects, he was appointed a Sergeant, in which rank he continued to serve until the end of his enlistment aforesaid.  During his services, the said 10th regiment was reduced and was denominated the 6th regiment.  Colonel Stephens having resigned during the first year of my service, Colonel John Green commanded the regiment to the end of my service.  I have heretofore received from the state of Virginia a warrant for 200 acres of land, promised by that state and the same was patented to me by the United States, the land lying north of the Ohio River, upon the tract between Scioto and Little Miami, reserved for the satisfaction of the Virginia Military Land Warrants.

Affidavit of Daniel Barbee of said county, aged 75, states that his brother, Joshua Barbee, did actually serve in the army of the Revolution as stated in said declaration in rank of sergeant.

In 1832 Joshua Barbee made a declaration in Mercer County, Kentucky, that he enlisted in 1778 about the later part of the winter 1777 and 1778 in the month of February or March.  He was appointed sergeant sometime before James Cowherd of Green County, Kentucky, who was a sergeant in the same company with deponent.

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