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French Family Bible Records

French Family Bible Records

Mercer County, Kentucky


  • Edward French was born 11th day of March 1821
  • Jane French was born 29th day of October 1821
  • Lillian French was born 26th day of September 1871
  • Fannie Comingo was born 2nd day of November 1871
  • John French was born 15th day of May 1844
  • Harve Walker French was born 20th day of February 1847
  • William Henry Comingo was born 10th day of May 1852
  • James E. Comingo was born 24th day of June 1854
  • Rachel Ann Comingo was born 29th day of September 1857
  • Edward French was born the 5th day of March 1814
  • Oney French was born the 29th day of November 1875
  • Carlile Wade was born the 2nd day of September 1884
  • Veria Wade was born the 6th day of January 1881


  • Edward French and Jane, his wife, were married on the 6th day of October 1842
  • John French and Susan, his wife, were married the 28th day of January 1867
  • Harvey W. French and Larue, his wife, were married the 5th day of January 1871
  • William H. Comingo and Mary, his wife, were married the 16th day of June 1871
  • James E. Comingo and Mattie, his wife, were married the 23rd day of September 1875


  • Edward French died on the 26th day of December 1849

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