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My 2,100th Post!

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Even I have a hard time believing this is my 2,100th post!  How quickly the time has flown by!  And I still haven’t run out of things to talk about!  April 20, 2011, was my first time to write a bit about genealogy.  I’ve shared cemetery photos, marriage records, old letters, old documents, obituaries, old photos – and a plethora of other genealogy related topics.

Today I want to tell you about my results from the DNA tests!  They are finally in!  One of my goals with the tests was to know the truth about the Native American ancestry in my background.  I grew up with stories about my great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Crow Coulter.  My aunts were certain that she was Indian.  So according to that, I should be 1/16 Native American.  That was evidently one of those stories passed down that had no truth to it.  I have zero percent Native American blood running threw my veins!


According to the test I am 48% Europe West – primarily located in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.  How fascinating part of my culture perhaps comes from one of the smallest countries in the world!  This wasn’t entirely a surprise, but I am more European West than Ritchey – with all his Hertz, Leuenberger, Klein and Jungbluth families – I have almost twice the amount!

24% of my heritage is Great Britain –  England, Scotland and Wales – no surprise there!  My Hill’s, Smith’s and Linton’s, among others, state that loud and clear.

I have 20% Irish heritage – my great-great-grandmother Lucy Murphy and her flaming red hair that was passed down through the Hill’s to my grandfather and further still, bear witness to that.  Pap always asked what color a grandchild’s hair was before the sex of the baby!  He inherited that grand heritage, sadly, I did not!

The 4% of Iberian Peninsula in my heritage is not surprising.  I have found out recently that my Carrico surname is of Portuguese descent – I was certain it was French or Italian.

Scandinavia – 4%!  Viking heritage!  I know they were a warrior people, who took other people’s land and plundered wherever they could, but I’ve always been fascinated with their history – especially their terrorization of England!

So to sum up, I am 100% European!  A little dash of exoticness here and there would have been nice, but we are what we are!  I am proud of my heritage, my ancestors, and my two descendants, and the third that is soon to be held in welcoming arms!  Find out what your heritage is – take the DNA test!

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  1. That was very interesting hearing about your DNA findings! However, as far as the Native American showing or not showing in DNA testing I was told since there is not really many Indians left , there isn’t any of the old Indian DNA for them to compare it to? so maybe you should not rule it out. Unless they came up with this theory when not long ago DNA testing wasn’t at it’s best..? I know people who did testing, who have pictures of their Indian relatives and it didn’t show, but not sure how well the testing was at the time they did it. Perhaps it would show now with more advanced testing. Yes we are proud of off all our ancestors and where they come from. I agree with the fascination of the viking as well I’m told the Jackson in our family is Scandinavian as well.

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